My introduction

in introduction •  2 years ago

I am Steven Lytle. I am fascinated by languages and math. I'm also an atheist anarchist.
For several years now I've been working intermittently on my 'Chinese project', in which I analyze and gloss over 70,000 Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) characters, with the intention of being able to use the glosses to replace the characters themselves in any CJK text to see the natural order of the words in the text and get a gist of the meaning.

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welcome to the club. and i must also commend you for your great effort

For several months now I've been teaching myself Hungarian from a novel I bought in Paris a year ago. It's not set in Hungary, but rather in Italy and the US, so there's no Hungarian cultural information in it, but it cost only 0.20 euros.
I've been wanting to learn Hungarian for a long time, but had so much distraction around me that it was hard to focus on just one language. Now my distractions are fewer, albeit stronger.