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in introduction •  10 months ago

Steemians, what's up? My name is Aaron, aka spellx. I'm new here. So allow me to introduce myself...

I'm an African, I reside in Edo state, Nigeria. I'm a student of human anatomy(human structure, and on a lesser degree, function) in the university of Benin. I love 'social networking'(you could say chatting) and blogging. I love scientific mysteries. I'm a fan of football, formula one, and wrestling entertainment. I'm also a devout Christian. BeautyPlus_20170517104731_save.jpg

Thanks for reading. I look forward to meeting you guys on steemit!

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Welcome bro. I am also studying life science.
Hope to hear more from you.



Welcome to this community Aaron.....nice to know you.


Thanks a lot @toebhy