Hey! I'm Slingshot. Have you noticed me?

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What's up? I'm Slingshot, and I'll be out and about here on Steemit just reading articles and upvoting the posts of writers who are also following and voting for me. You may get a couple of free upvotes from me in hopes for a follow in return. If you'd like Slingshot to come and hook up your posts with some quality love and a nice vote, follow my page and let me know in the comments.



Welcome to steemit @slingshot. This platform is awesome in so many ways and its totally up to each user to explore its dopeness. I wish you much success on your steemit journey.

Thanks @slickhustler007 just wait till I get some SP in here.

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Thank you @slickhustler007 Follow me and get followed back. Spread the word and tell them all i'm coming to hook up the votes.

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Welcome on steemit ! I hope that you love this website :)

Be sure to follow me. Anyone that follows @slingshot gets added to my upvotes list.

Welcome @slingshot! Are you the guy from the slingshot channel?

@hansgans I am not... I am just on Steem.

Good idea to start , keep going

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@hbib this is just the beginning.

I notice your dedication , hope to know you more as you are growing

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Right on the circle gets bigger! And deeper!


Right on! Votes following and great work! Thanks for the support for more people!

This is going to be good for the whole gang man!

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Definitely! And it's exploded! Nice work buying votes! That's gonna stack sp quick.

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Hey I already followed u n i will tell some Friends to do the same Zitounii and some other but could u do the same and thanks

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@mizouri done

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@slingshot, thank you for supporting @steemitboard as a witness.

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Once again, thanks for your support!

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Welcome! Do you keep that slingshot in your back pocket? Are you by any chance Dennis the menace? 😁

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