Meet Me -- SEGDOH

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Hello, everyone!

My name is SEGDOH.

I love to read and write.

Reading makes my mind stimulated and improves my vocabulary. I read non-fiction books but do not read fictional ones. I do not know why or for what reason. However, fictional stories capture my attention on the big screen and TV.

When it comes to writing, I love to cover popular topics. They give me wider audience and sell like hot cakes.

I strongly believe that for one to become a good writer, he should do two things — if he is not writing, read; and if he is not reading, write. Now that I have been unemployed since 2014, I can go around to manage them both.

I used to be a Sales Consultant in one of the hotels in Makati, Philippines. Such job required me to mail promotions for big companies. Contrary to the job description of meeting and convincing clients in person, I am more of an introvert type of person (do not hate me for being one). I get my energy from being alone.

I feel happy that I can write here and can hardly wait to read your posts.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank @iwrite for constantly updating me with how great Steemit is.

Special thanks to @lebron2016 for her guidance.

See you guys around.

Again, my name is SEGDOH.

Thank you all.

*PHOTO is mine

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Nice of you to be with Steemit Family segdoh! Thanks!

Thanks John!

welcome and enjoy while blogging

I will surely enjoy it here. I like how the post editor is working here.

Welcome Sir Seg. Enjoy Steemit!

Thank you much!

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Welcome po.. Enjoy lang po tayo sa steemit hehe