The Beginning of my Steemit Experience

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Hey Stemians, I am Ekokota Samuel and im glad to be among the steem community. I am a Nigerian, from Delta State precisely.

I am currently a 4th year undergraduate student of petroleum engineering in the Federal University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria. IMG_20171224_123322.jpg
I have heard alot about this platform and hope to share ideas in my field and in life generally here while learning new stuffs also.

My hobbies includes playing computer games(big time fan of pes and fifa), i love to sing and play my guitar also(still learning though) and i am a drummer also. I love to listen to songs also(always with my earphones), i am a fan sci-fi movies and animation also. I play soccer once in while too.

I got to hear about steemit from my friend tanks to @utomobong, in school and from what i hear, i'm quite sure its gonna be amazing here.

I need friends to fill me in on how to be more effective here.

Thanks y'all.


welcome to steemit @samstix636, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊

Welcome to the club! I think this is an awesome project and I'm sure you will thrive here. If you search around you will find plenty of beginner's guides or (as they call them here) "minnows." Whales are obviously your heavy hitter accounts throwing around a lot of STEEM, literally, lol. Jumping in and getting involved in the community I think is the best start to being effective here. Get rewards flowing into your account, reinvest in your own influence (or STEEM POWER), and post regularly but quality. These seem to be an effective way to get things started, and you will learn about more effective ways to use your influence as you grow in the community like allocating STEEM to other users to help build projects with in the community and so on. Again welcome, and thank you for joining! Cheers

greetings, welcome my dear!
best of luck!

Welcome to the Steem community brother. All the best

I sight you man