Introduce Bangladeshi food and culture

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Introduce Bangladeshi food and culture on @dtube

Every country has its own tradition of foods. Bangladesh has also the same. In the sense of food habits, Bangladesh is influenced by the regional variations of her history. Being an outpost of Mughal Empire once, Bangladesh retains its heritage. Bangladesh is famous for rice production which has been the chief occupation of its people. Rice therefore the main food of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshis eat rice, not just a small quantity but a lot. They eat rice every day and at every meal with great testy and spicy curry of vegetables, fishes and meat. You may not have realized that you may be ate Bangladeshi foods! Many of the restaurants framed in Brick Lane, London are actually Bangladeshi in origin. The same can probably be said for other called Indian restaurants throughout the world when Indian foods have much better branding.
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Western foods are available in all major hotels and most of the renowned restaurants in import cities. But local dishes are normally far better and more exotic. In the capital city Dhaka, there are some famous and special menus which are greatly rich in taste, and only known to the food-lovers of the city dwellers. You should not miss the experience of the menus. Among the items, a short list is- Hazi Biriani- located in Alauddin Road in old Dhaka. Nanna’s Morog Polao- located at nearby Tara Mosque in old Dhaka. Ghoroa Restaurent’s Vuna Khichuri- located at Motijheel, the business heart of Dhaka. Sunami Restora’s Kacchi Biriani located at Jhigatola Bus Stand at Dhanmondi. Jhunu’s Morog Polaw- located nearby Narinda police box, Mukta Biriani located at Goran Tempu stand. Chhayanir’ Grill Chicken- Located in the Science Laboratory corner nearby new market etc.

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This is really nice Intro for Bangladeshi food.

Yeah this is a great content on @dtube thank you guys for sharing our food and tradition.

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