Introducing myself, Jeffrey Sorenson, artist, visionary and geek.

in #introduction8 years ago (edited)

I look forward to exploring some corners of our new world here. It will take some time to look around. I expect to do blogging on the arts and the sciences, maybe some philosophy too.  In the meantime,  I invite readers here to visit my personal website at to see some of my artwork and read a little of my story.


Welcome to the community, Jeffrey. I love your artwork, especially the object/sculptures. I've followed you so that I can keep up with what you do.

Thank you for commenting and especially for following! I appreciate it. : )

Welcome to Steemit. I love this from your website:

From punchcards to the blockchain and AI in under a lifetime!

I'm probably one of the few people on the site who actually handled punchcards.

By the way, part of what I do is edit. In fact, I edit when I really just want to be reading. You should take a lot at your second paragraph, second sentence under About The Artist on your website; that sentence has the structure/logic issue known as a dangling modifier.

Thanks for your comment. That sentence definitely needs revision. : )

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