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`Hello friends, So a little bit about me I was born and raised In Phoenix Arizona. When I was a kid we kinda did whatever we wanted to a degree. We would ride our bikes all over the neighborhood only coming home once the street lights would come on. We had a pretty tight knit group of friends many im still friends with today. Im extremely close to my grandparents on my moms side and when I was a kid I stayed over there as much as I was allowed to. I remember one whole summer I dont think I went home once, at least until school started back up. I wasn't the coolest kid when I was little. I was sorta chubby wore cowboy boots every day and kinda talked like a hillbilly. Some people say I still do lol... I spent so much time with my grandparents when I was young that alot of shaped my values. I guess you could say its in my blood to be to rebellious. My grandpa and grandma where parent of this group back in the day called the golden means society. A group full of tax resistors and the like. My grandpa used to say they'd start every meeting with if there are any police or federal agents present you are welcome to stay you might learn something. They ended up come after a bunch of them, my grandpas one buddy got 8 years in prison and his other buddy beat the charges in court. My grandpa negotiated to pay a ton of back taxes. There house had burnt down so alot of his financial documents where destroyed in the fire. I found one of his buddies books on amazon his name is Charles Riley. My grandpa over the my life has prolly been the closest person to me, especially as a kid. He is 77 now still going strong. On my moms side of the family we are super close knit, I see my aunts uncles and cousins on prolly at least a weekly basis everybody is always at my grand parents house. I have two brothers an older one and a younger one, Im pretty close with both of them. My older brother lives in NH with is wife and 2 lil ones, my little bro lives here in phoenix AZ with his wife an lil boy an a lil girl on the way. 

     I've always thought my own way about things even when I was very young I always wanted to know why. One time in 6th grade we where talking about the titanic sinking and how so many people died. I argued that I wouldn't have and proceed to tell them how I would have survived and the teach said ok in Randys world we all wouldnt have died. Or something to that effect. I got very into meditation at a pretty young age 11 I think, started practicing self hypnosis lucid dreaming astral projection OBE. I got pretty good at it but at the same time I began to get super sleepy. After totaling my grandmas car I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. Whats funny is many of the symptoms of narcolepsy are the very things I was doing on purpose. So I came to the conclusion that I had trigger it. I played around in the world of alternate realities and past lives to the point where that thats all I wanted to do. I can go deep into this stuff but Ill move on for now.

   It wasnt until Ron Paul ran for president that I really started to wake up politically or at least realize there was other people who thought they way I did.. I was working out of town and my brother called me and asked who Ron Paul was. I said IDK why, he said there are a bunch of signs in down town phoenix that say google Ron Paul. I said well google him. So I also google him and proceeded to listen to every single video with Ron Paul in it. I'm fairly certain I watched them all lol. Then I came across Aaron Russos Freedom to Fascism and bought a 150 copies and began handing them out at work and to anybody who promised to watch it. I could write all day about the evolution of my thinking and about all the realizations but this is and introduction so Until next time. 

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