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Welcome to Steemit. Where do you live? What is your native language?

Here is some information I used as a comment when I was blogging for @SCILWA (a non-profit organization):

First it takes time to build steem power (SP) . Some of us bought steem to get started when it was $0.20 or less. Many start earning by visiting other's posts and upvoting (even if little SP), but more importantly by commenting. Good comments can generate SP. Have to wait 7 days before it shows up in your wallet so be patient. Some do a lot of re-steeming, but that works best from my experience when you build a following.

Read through some of the introduction posts to see how others did an introduction of who you are. you can go to:

I spent some time on Steemit before I did an introduction. Some do one early on and then do another when they are more familiar with the format.

I recently read an article that would be perfect for you to review for newcomers. Check out:

Hope this helps. Above all enjoy yourself and the new people wou are going to meet.


welcome to steemit my dear @Jovan:-)
your is so [email protected]:-

your comment is also so informative dear

its really very helpfull suggest sir you are the real steemars @r2cornel thanks

kudos to you for encouraging newcomers .

dear @rockstar20 Welcome to steemit.. nice post for introduce and Congratulations you have been replay by @r2cornell

Wow so great @r2cornell you visit my blog,thank you so much.i am so excited for your support.

I am from Bangladesh & Bengli is my mother tongue.

Thanks @r2cornell for your support