Hi Steemit From a Wannabe Somebody with a Head Full of Dreams and No Direction

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I'm Ava, a.k.a. prowebwriter...

I'm excited to get involved with this great community centering around words and content...my favorite things! My goal here is to make friends, promote others, and contribute.

I have a wide array of interests, so I'm a little all over the place. <== It's probably A.D.D...diagnosed 31 years ago. Yeah, yeah, I'm old....er.

At 41, I'm at the age where I become invisible. I'm also currently navigating the throes of a mid-life crisis. Never a dull moment, my friends.

I work from home. Pinning down what I actually do is difficult. I call myself a virtual assistant, but that's just one revenue stream.

I'm very interested in Internet marketing, SEO, social media, and all that stuff.

I've Edited This Post Numerous Times

Steemit has a slight learning curve for me, so trying to figure out pictures, etc. has been a bit of a challenge. It's kind of exciting.

This is my first experience with markdown. I have a working knowledge of HTML, so learning a whole new thing would be a bit of a dealbreaker in other circumstances. I just like what I see here....a really clean community with lots of intelligent people.

So, About Those Aforementioned Interests...

My first love is art. I actually went to college for Graphic Design only to find that I didn't have a knack for it like I did more traditional forms of art. A lesson bought is better than a lesson taught, and oh how I've paid for that one.


I've never considered myself a great talent in art. You can see I have skills ^, but alas this is after and Albrecht Durer piece. I am the great imitator.

Then I Began My Love Affair With Words...

I write poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and lots of things on the web. Well, I used to. I stopped writing articles for clients and the content mills to combat burnout. I self-publish as well and have a collection of books on Amazon and other places. (It's actually past time for a new book.)

I write about self publishing, and conspiracy theories. Here's a freebie for you Steemians - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IA5LYA2

NOTE: This book ^ may not be free in your country because it achieved it's "free" status by way of a price match. Amazon won't let you list your books for free, so you have to list them somewhere else, and then tell them where you found it cheaper before they will price match it and make it free. If it's not free where you are, let me know, and I'll send you a PDF if you really want it.

My Main Focus For Now

My main focus right now is being a successful entrepreneur. It pretty much consumes my being. It is also my hardest endeavor for many reasons. It's something you go at alone pretty much. There's no instruction manual. It's a bunch of experiments and finding what works and then scaling it to max out the results.

You just can't buy that in some ebook. You have to learn it...then you have to do it. I've learned a lot.

I suffer with depression which I absolutely abhor talking about. You know, A.D.D., it's a thing and most of the time I can view it in a positive light, but depression...

It's like fumbling through a dark room where you can never quite find the light switch.

It wreaks havoc on my mind, but I'm a bit of a fighter so...

I admit though...it makes things hard. It very difficult to move forward through projects and things when you feel mediocre. There, I said it.

Ugh, did I mention I hate talking about this.

Thanks for Listening to Me Blather On...

Okay, I feel like I've talked about myself enough now. As I said, I've edited this post several times. I'm still not happy with it, but whatever. I'm going to move on now. I have bigger and better things to share. Thanks for this opportunity. I look forward to connecting with you. Have a great day!

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