Hello steemians!!!

in introduction •  last year

Hi!!! I'm Nelson Joseph Shaibu by name. Recently joined steemit through a friend who is a motivation to me cause she's really success driven and I don't regret becoming a member cause iv learnt from the few post I have come through. Thank you and Gods Grace Always!!!image.jpeg

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I think you will gget all you want in Eurogee wall

You should have built your followers list before doing your intro. This you didnt read the guide 2 in my blog. It pays greatly to always do things the right ways. Sit up!


How can that be done please


Go to my page and read the guide 2 of my appropriate answers to steemit questions

Welcome to steemit @oluwanelsoneu, I hope you enjoy your journey here

Welcome is a place to be bro

Welcome to the family bro ☺

Nice dress but odd combination. Lol

@oluwanelsoneu You are welcome to steemit community. Do your best to be more committed to it. It's a great rewarding platform. You are welcome once again

welcome to STEEMIT a place of verse knowledge, wealth and exictement...

Welcome onboard

Welcome on board my dear

Welcome to steemit @oluwanelsoneu, i hope you enjoy your stay here. It been a wonderful expereince over here. I have upvoted and resteemed this post, i hope to meet more Nigerians and Africans here.


Good to know you care about your people! Thumbs up!


Thanks for stopping by @smyle

Ur welcome brother

You're welcome bro

You're welcome on board.
With hard work you can make it to the whales.

As you put on cap on top native soon you go use am wear suit... Welcome to steemit

welcome here bro

Welcome to steemit

Guy man, your posing is tantalizing......

Welcome, nice to be here with you

You welcome on board