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Hi everyone ,my name is aiden smith,but my friend call me lalaxy right from secondary school because i like asking question alot ,so one day i ask aquestion and the teacher get upset and she call me lalaxy,from that day people start calling me lalaxy and even you too can come me that i don't care,i studies business administration in oxford university in texas,that time i have already reduce my hobbies of asking question,because of i don't want the teacher just give me another name, but i thank GOD i came out of oxford university with first class download.jpg
i know that you people would want to know my age ,i am 25 year old and am just planning of during weding with my lovly wifedownload (1).jpg
she is my everytin after my mom the next is her , we are being dating for 1 to2 years nowaiden.jpg
And i want to appreciated my friend who bring to meet new people on steemit

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@oluwalalaxy, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you an upvote!

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