Just following tradition

in introduction •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hey there people,

I'm not one for introductions, but the noob's guide said it's kind of a tradition around here, so here goes.

I'm a Colombian college dropout, I left my home country to try and make a life for myself as a digital nomad in Spain, I worked as a design freelancer for about 2 years, hated it (sometimes being subdued by a client's whims can be really frustrating for your creativity).


(Picture by me @nomadic_craft in IG)

After a while I realized that my biggest flaw was not knowing how to market and sell my stuff, so I joined a Spanish online university, currently studying E-commerce and online marketing.

Thing is, I f*ing hate marketing in many ways, it has become such a dirty business and sometimes I'd like to help create a cleaner way of selling products to people.

Where I want to get with all of this is, if you're reading this as I post it, just sit tight, I've got great plans for what I'll post in this community.

Well, got that introduction over with, I really hope you enjoy what I've got to offer, In time, I expect to create a really tight bond with the people here, this site is like a dream come true for me.

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