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Hello to everyone here. I am not really good at introducing myself, but I will give it a shot to see where it goes.

Just a little bit about me:

I recently started streaming, although I am still trying to figure out which platform I should stay on between Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Dlive.

I play guitar, bass somewhat, I have played drums which I miss as well as piano which I also miss.

I really have a passion for wanting to do something with my life for entertainment, which is also why I started streaming. I have been lost in wanting to write a book as well as alternate stories for comic book characters. I have had an interest in pursuing music as well was wanting to get into acting. Life hits hard sometimes haha.

Umm I'm not sure what else to actually say about myself. Feel free to ask me anything or message me. If you can, I am new here so I am not entirely sure how this all works.

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Hi @nhordy
Nice to see you on steem :)
God luck and have fun over here :)

If you want to come and see my blog - feel free to follow me - I take photos, a lot of.
i will follow You and see what you got here to :)

Thanks and thank you for the follow and I will definitely check your stuff out as well as a follow.

Awensome :))

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