Introduction of me! :)

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Hi, my name is Sophie, 25, I am a qualified hairdresser who enjoys a good hike/walk. I am a very outgoing person I will have a go at anything. We love to be outside walking, hiking and camping, well even trying new things.

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Between both me and my partner we have a Zoo, 3Cats, 2Dogs, 1Parrot and a Bearded Dragon.

I am going to try and let you look into our life a little, with the pictures I post, so you can see how we tackle life. Together we have been to a number of places and I will let you all in and see my experiences. I hope you like them.

As I have soo many things I can write about on here some of them are; all the animals, Amsterdam, Peak District- a number of mountain treks I would like to share with you all.


If there are anybody out there which would like little hints and tips regarding hairdressing please get in touch as I am not sure on the audiences so please don't hesitate to ask.




Turning blowdry into the windblown look naturally
Welcome and good fortune
Don't go taking selfies on the edge of cliffs

Hahahaha!!! :) that is was I am aiming for :) and its an amazing place to visit. :) and thank you!! :)

Love hiking too. Love your photos. My grandpa was born in Amsterdam. I'm from Oregon. I'm Oatmeal. Welcome.

Hi, thanks for your kind words. We are going hiking again on the weekend, cant get enough. We love Amsterdam, such a gorgeous place. Hopefully going again in the next few month. How often are you over ??

Following you!