It's been quite a while, Hopefully I can stay on this time!

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A lot has happened since the last blog I wrote, then my internet went south (phone tethering).
Anyways just to update.
We have moved to the middle of the Ozark Mountain range in Missouri.
We are living off grid.
Building an homestead.
We are building our own house, garage etc on a very limited budget.
Things are extremely tight and my only internet connection is thru my phone which actually gets a descent connection out here in the middle of nowhere, but my previous phone could barely get a text message.

So anyways I am back for sure now and will be updating our progress and of course the things that I fix along the way, like this travel trailer we are currently residing in.

So stay tuned for a whole new Mr EasyFix in the Ozarks.

Thanks for watching and reading my blog.



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Thank you so much for your interest!

Thanks I'll check it out

Sounds great! Thanks for your interest!

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thanks, installed it today, will check it out and thanks for the points.

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Welcome back!

Funny, like many others I guess, I hadnt heard of that place until I watched the series of it on netflix hahahahha :)

Wish you all the best with the new home!

yeah, I seen it on Youtube years ago, now I live here. Instead of lots of people everywhere I have trees :)

Thats awesome! Trees are usually the best neighbours hahahah :)

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