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Hello steemians, i am ruth from africa,my friend introduced me to steemit and i felt encouraged to share my ideas and insights.i am very happy to be part of this wonderful community and i hope the best for all of us.Here is a short post to cover up my introduction.
We all have those times when we want to start something new but we lack the energy to start. I like to think that starting actually plays a very huge role in the success of something or even determining whether it will ever happen.
Life is about starting things like conversations, starting yoga classes, going to the gym, starting a business or even starting a course in any school.
There will always be a point in life when you have to gather your courage to start something new in your life. On this note, im convinced that there is so much talent, insight, ideas, and knowledge among people but it goes untapped simply because starting was so hard.

Talented artists are afraid to go to the studios yet there is so much good music in their soul, entrepreneurs are so scared of starting businesses and depriving the world of such ideas only because starting is never easy.

What of our own politicians, they find is so hard to start change though they know it is very necessary if a country is to succeed.

In simple terms, everyone has an idea, a talent, an insight, a vision of how to change their life but we are sleeping on all that just because we don't want to start. I talk this out of the experience because IFB_IMG_1535052020193.jpg always find it so hard to start than finish something. If we all had the courage to start something i am sure we will find a way to finish it but the biggest question is how do i start?

some of the reasons why starting is hard are because we cannot get the idea of us failing out of our minds, we also think that to start we must have all the resources, we also don't want people to see us struggling or failing. Do you ever stop and think how you going to achieve anything if at all you cannot start, its almost impossible. its said that "everything you need is on the other side of fear" which is true because fear stands between us and our dreams.

We will never realize our potential or know our strength if we harbor fear in our hearts, we can only watch as the courageous ones succeed while we go knocking in their offices to drop our CVS.

funny enough even writing a CV and tarmacking to look for a job needs some level of strength to start, it's like everything needs us to push ourselves in order to start.

wish you all the best as we start.

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