Hello Everybody

Hello all - I am excited to be accepted into this intriguing community. I have successfully navigated 59 circuits of the sun, and am feeling a little technically challenged as I try to get my head around the Steemit way of doing things ;-)
Originally from England, I've been living in Southeast Asia for the past 10 years, mostly in Thailand, but also in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.
My contributions to Steemit will be mainly in two arenas: spirituality and veganism. But expect me to fly off on many tangents LOL.
Well, for now, 'nuff said.
Much love,


Welcome to the community, I'm new here too! Spirituality is an interest of mine so I look forward to seeing what your posts consist of.

Thank you - I look forward to getting to know people here ;-)

Sent you a gift. :D

Thank you ;-) I haven't figured out the gift system here yet - still learning the ropes - will reciprocate in due course.

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