SteemIt Newbie Tips and Tricks Welcomed !

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Hey Everyone!

SteemIt is slowly integrating itself into the lives of everyone around me so I figured I would jump on board and see what the hype is about! Friends like @newschool, @JeffJagoe, @MikeBuch, @Ndre1224, and @richdurazzo have all shown me the power of the SteemIt community and I'm here to test it out for myself.

There are a few new things happening in my life that I can, and will be excited to share with you documenting my experiences as much as possible (growing pains and all) in hopes that it will help someone out in their own similar ventures. Things like being a new motorcycle owner, trying to start my own promotional printing and design company, my recent and continued journey into fitness, as well as my interest into sports from playing to watching to fantasy and everything in between.

P.S. If you know Conor Mcgregor tell him I'm open to offers for his body double at public appearances (still need to work on the Irish accent though!) 19030471_10209866569395975_7206809008693248797_n.jpg


Weolcome to Steemit

Welcome my friend! @MattyScraps

Welcome!! thanks for the shoutout are going to love this platform!

Welcome @mattyscraps! STEEM's a great place to be.
Look forward to seeing your graphic design work!

Thanks bud! Looking forward to posting it!

Welcome to steemit :D


Thanks Buddy!

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