Introduction of artist type and cat lady!

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Introductions are scary. That being said, here goes!

I love to create. When I was younger, I was continually drawing or writing. Then life happened. I slowly started to move into adulthood and working, sometimes working more than one job. Eventually, I went years without creating anything. Then over a decade. I was so busy with all the other life stuff that I forgot who I was deep down. I buried the artist in me.

A few years ago, I was introduced to a digital creation course that awakened the fire to make things again. It was a hard struggle though, 'allowing' myself to be that person again. I still struggle with it, but I am determined to add beauty and creativeness to the world. I love the inspiration that comes with nature. The magical colors, the imperfect, and the perfect designs created for us to enjoy.

I make art. Digital art, illustrations, graphic design, photo compositions, physical art (love watercolor and alcohol inks) and I started writing again. I have a few coloring books, some kindle books and have plans for some great kids books and illustrations. It's like putting my soul out there for everyone to see. Someone once told me (paraphrasing here) that it is selfish to keep it to myself. How can anyone appreciate it, or be moved by it, or find it useful if they don't know about it. I suppose that's true. Here is a little collage of some of my art.

marci aurila art

I want to inspire. I see things a little differently. I have good and bad days. I have random ideas I get obsessed with that consume me till I figure them out or finish them. I can be totally into watercolor one week, and then something else the next. What I do no with certainty, is that I have to make things. I feel deprived if I don't. I am a solitary person overall, but I have managed to be married for 14 years. (after a few previous attempts!). My mom is sure he is a saint. I am often moody, so he must be pretty close to one! Honestly though, he makes me better. And it was through him I gained the confidence to start showing my work. He is amazingly supportive and I love him dearly.

In the past, I made some videos to help inspire people, I have added one here to tell you that you are spectacular!

I am currently working on a silly-wonderful, nonsensical digital piece that is my way of counteracting all the negative stuff in the world today. I might be another week before I get it done, but I am super excited about it's craziness! (hint, it includes a galaxy unicorn, steampunk lion, motorcycle-riding cowboy mouse, a neon green dragon in a purple polka-dotted carriage, and an ascot wearing puppy with glitter bunny ears headband steering a flying moth boat). Not kidding! I did say it was crazy!

Let's talk about cats....I have 3 right now. Cats are awesome. I have only been without a cat for 6 months of my life since I brought my first one home when I was about 4. (That is a lot of years. I'm nearing 50!) I could not imagine my life without them. I am also a wee bit nutty when it comes to people mistreating animals. Everyone said I would be the lonely crazy cat lady with the overgrown garden and full bookshelves lining my walls. I am certainly working on that! lol.

Thanks for reading!
Marci :)

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Welcome to Steem and Steemit, Marci.

Lasse Ehlers


Thank you! Excited to be here.

Nice intro! And steampunk lions?! Count me in!


Absolutely! And, the cowboy mouse is on a steampunk motorcycle!

Nice intro Welcome

Welcome, and I hope that you can get some dirt to play in.


Me too! I noticed today that a little garden area next door was unkempt (big house converted into a church). I always thought it belonged to the house on the other side. I told my husband that next time they are out mowing, I will ask if I can use it.


It can't hurt to ask. You're not growing anything there now, so you got nothing to lose as far as that is concerned. If you make it look nice and share what you get, I'll bet you get to use it for years to come if they let you start. Wishing you the best!

Welcome, @marciaurila - loved the video. I get what you're saying about the creative in you getting buried. I'm unearthing my own these days - writing.


Thank you :) That is fantastic news about your creative side making an appearance!