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As I've mentioned in a previous post, my wife and I recently moved away from our home country of Canada, to the small town of Senlis France.

At this point I've almost entirely stopped using Facebook other than on the odd occasion of extreme boredom, so I've decided to keep track of our journey of life in Europe here on the Steem blockchain.

A part of me (the perfectionist within me) thinks that I should be niche, and compartmentalize my ideas on the blockchain by openening up a new account specifically dedicated to personal blogging. That way I could leave my Leaky20 account for my ideas on philosophy and movie and song analyses and such. However, my ideas on such topics is limited and a big part of me dreads the challenge of starting over fresh with a new account, building a new following and maintaining multiple Steem accounts. As such, I think I'm just going to intermix this new travel and life blog in with my other random thoughts and ideas.

So this is my first (or maybe its actually my second) French living Blog post - Home town.


This first picture is of one of the streets in town. There is a little hotel on the right side of the street. Despite the hotel essentially being a "hole in the wall" type establishment I was surprised to learn that they won a Micheline star in 2018. The online photos of inside the hotel are really quite nice.



The next two pictures are of our local church. I really love the gothic style architecture of the building (I believe that its gothic). Its bells chime a few times per day and gargoyles smile down at residents from above.


The next shot is of a plaque on the outside of the church. As you can see it has several large bullet holes that were shot into it, I assume during world war two. I'm not certain on that though.


This image is of the door to the church. I just think it has a lot of character with its charred wood exterior. I find it interesting to look at.


Above the door are three small stautues, one of which has no head. Maybe time and weather got the best of it? or maybe the soldiers who shot the plaque also shot it? Maybe it was target practice?


The next photo is of an old house on one of the streets in town. Nearly all of the homes are built behind these large stone walls and heavy metal gates. Its nearly impossible to see into anyones yard or say hi to your neighbors unless they are walking on the street. The walls give the town a lot of character but also make the streets feel very narrow and closed off, sometimes a bit claustrophobic, kind of like walking down an alleyway. Its very different from back home where everything is wide open and people often share front lawns. Its not bad in the slightest, its just very different.


This is just a country scape with the church in the distance. It shows how small the town is.


Here my wife has found some horses. At this point, all of our friends in France are animals.

We say hello to them several times per week when we take the dog for a walk. I'm actually a bit surprised that my wife hasn't named them yet.

Anyway, thats our small town. Thanks for reading :)

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Here my wife has found some horses. At this point, all of our friends in France are animals.

Ah... I know the feeling - even tho I still haven't found any tamed animal in Australia :)

Your new neighbourhood/town looks very nice and the narrow street is just lovely and full of history.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Hopefully you find that animal friend while you're there. Just dont make it with one of the many poisonous spider or snake varieties found in the country lol ;)

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Whoa! You're so lucky to be in such a nice and safe place to live. I wonder if they have English sermons at those churches you mentioned....

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I haven't been to church yet but if I had to guess I'd say they probably don't have an English service. Most people that I encounter here do not speak very much English

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It looks an idyllic place to be living, looking forward to reading more about your new adventure.

It's a quaint charming little town. Thanks :)

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All the photos are beautiful @leaky20; but the first one is my favourite by far. Its very nice of you to share these with us, and I am glad you decided to do it through this same account! The doggies must love that place :) My first friends here happened to be birds and in England squirrels and foxes.

Take care!

Yeah the first one is my favorite as well. I lead with my best photo Haha. You know, I dont think they even have squirrels in france. I'm not 100% sure on that but I haven't seen a single one yet. In Canada they are everywhere. Red, grey, and black squirrels. I was surprised to see some lizards running around here in France though lol.

Take care as well :)

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Thanks for the support @curie! :)

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I love France. I hope you are very happy there. I haven't been to Senlis town but maybe I would like to go there sometime in my life. The photographs of your publication and their descriptions make us live for a moment in that town. Regarding the commemoration plaque, I understood on one of my trips that the First World War was the Great War for France. The dead at that time are very honored by the French, especially for the elderly. I wish you the best in the world. Greetings @leaky20

There are so many beautiful small towns in France. It really is a lovely country. Regarding what you're saying about WWI - thats very interesting and good to know. Thanks for Sharing :)

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Hmmm, I think it's quite OK to intermix your random thoughts and philosophy with your travel blogs and all that stuffs. I see everyone doing it and I personally think its fine. We don't travel everyday anyway. Haha! 😁 But I love the idea that your title is about travel blog. I think that would be the indication that it is different from your other posts.

The place you live in now is quite old with a very rich history. The walls say much about it. Hopefully next time, we can read about the history of your place too!

Thank you for your beautiful pictures and descriptions.

Have a pleasant day.

Thanks for your input on the matter. Yeah it's TRUE. A lot of people intermix them and it totally works. Thanks for commenting. You are right, I should look into the history of the town. I bet it has a lot of interesting tid bits

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Yes, it would definitely be fun when we know how and why things are that way. 😊😊

It is difficult to acquire new friends in a new country. I've been living in Switzerland for 8 years and I can count my friends here on the fingers of one hand. Especially these small villages/towns are difficult as people form communities and it is difficult to get in. But I hope for you that you'll find some new friends very soon :)

It must be very different to what you're use to from Canada. Especially those walls as you said. I can imagine that it feels a little bit claustrophobic. But people probably like to protect their privacy. Who knows.

Great photos of your new home. I wish you many happy years there! :)

Yeah it takes time to make friends in a foreign country. Luckily for me I am fine with having only a few friends lol :)
It is very different from back home but I am getting used to it and enjoying it so far.
Thanks for the comment :)

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What a great report! Thank you for sharing it :))

I would highly suggest you to use the Travelfeed tag to get the chance of higher rewards for your post. You also can track all your travels on If you haven't yet ;)


Thanks for the tip, I will have to keep that in mind.

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