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I am a somewhat odd individual if you ask my older brothers, ask my younger brother and he'll tell you I'm reasonably normal. This is life. You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of them and certainly not all of the time. I am considered odd due to my propensity to dwell on the weird and wonderful. I read about aliens, lost ancient civilizations, conspiracies, stolen history, magic, other dimensions etc. I do not believe my TV tells me the truth and I do not trust authority figures blindly and without question. I have my own version of reality, my own religion, my own unique way of thinking that was not given to me by an institution or book.

And so, I often find myself an outcast, a rainbow sheep frolicking aimlessly in the sunlight. An activated pineal gland in a world full of calcification. This is why I am an artist. The only logical profession for an odd bean like me. In the not so distant past I have been an erotic artist (that's a fancy way to say stripper), a podium dancer ( that's a stripper with clothes on), a poet, a writer, a singer, a DJ and producer of upbeat dance tracks to shake your naughty bits to.... but I am currently performing my most challenging role yet: a mother to a beautiful willful 2 year old.

We modern mystics, shamans and sages have little place within society as it's transforming. Gone are the days when villagers queued to get advice from the old crone that smelled like the forest. Instead we retreat to the underground rave scene, we travel as nomads selling trinkets, workshops, tarot or we dj in exchange for board and lodgings.

My earliest cognitive memories are of me as a 5 year old looking around at the world thinking 'this is not how it's meant to be, it's all wrong'. I told stories to the other children of how we should be living in nature, close to the trees and animals. Where I got these stories from I do not know. A past life memory? Perhaps. No one in my family shared my odd view point. A sense of things being out of place and out of the natural scheme of things.
Then just as I was beginning to integrate and become more normal, doing teenager things such as smoking cigs and drinking vodka, a big friggin UFO appeared right above me in my home town at 3am as I stood outside with my best friend, we were smoking and chatting after a night out at the local club.
That was it. All chances of me fitting in had been blown out of the water.

To be continued.....

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