The all so important first impression

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I am what you call an over analyzer. My thoughts are random accross a wide range of impromptu yet surprisingly insightful an innovative subjects that seem to appear an vanish with the same speed an intensity as if awaking from a dream. Your foccus being so very clear an profound one second while the next dissolving as frouth in a stein.
I have been wrestling with the notion of comprising my thoughts, ideas nay insights for awhile now. I believe that there are so many people out there in our collective consciousness of sorts to have the exact same experiences as i do. This is what has drawn me to forgo the so call dream journal by my bed, put down the hand recorder, an supplement my pen an paper for a more interactive an profound way of not only sharing my thought provoking insights.
My objective is to hear your insights as well, your ideas, your theroies, build dialogue on subjects that keep your mind so busy you cant help but put your idea or realization of why something is the way it is on paper before the thought fades as a dream.
If you are like me and you go back to read what you wrote down only to be baffled by the wording, or seem slightly foriegn to you as if it was you but, not you.
Then prepare for discussions of consciousness.

Now I am a busy salried employee by day/night, which basically means I am always on the clock for a just over broke career. Commonly known as (JOB)
So i will be getting to know the steemit system, structure, an amazing community of individuals over the next few weeks as my mental powers allow. Feel free to message me, follow me, thought provoke me as we begin this journey together.
I will post my random thoughts on here as I would have on my tape recorder. Feel free to comment or use any thoughts or ideas in your life as I believe we are all connected in conscious thought.
As with any advice I am given by others, I will either use some of the advice, all of the advice, or none of the advice. However, I will always listen and consider anyone sincere in their actions.

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