Let Me Introduce Myself Again

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This idea has been in my mind for some time now that I should introduce myself again. The introduction was actually my first post here in Steemit and zero people saw it. I used all the wrong tags and I got no automated welcome messages, nothing. I'm proud to say that I crossed the 500 followers line the other day and now I know that there are a couple of people who read my posts. These people probably know me already pretty well but a proper introduction can't hurt.
It was @Eveuncovered who told me that you should definitely do another introduction so it's partially your fault that I have to write so much now :D


Yep, that's me. A usual guy who lives in Estonia. I'm 23 years, well 24 years old in a couple of weeks.
I have many different kinds of hobbies. Most of all I'm a photographer as you have seen if you look at my posts. I have been keen on photographing for a long time now but just a little over a year ago I finally bought myself a DSLR camera and all the equipment because that's the point where I got money collected for this shit. Before that I took photos 8 years with some shitty smartphones. That's sad I know, but I had no other choice. Mostly I'm photographing landscapes and nature, I hardly ever do portraits shots of somebody( my girlfriend hates me for this ).

Photographing nature and landscapes takes me to another point. I'm a huge lover of nature and everything that's involved with this stuff. As strange as it sounds I love storms and all kinds of the phenomenon with mother nature.
If there is a severe situation, let's say a huge storm and flooding in the beach area then this is the place I go. Despite the warnings from officials that it may be lethal to be there I still go because I enjoy extreme situations and no one can stop me.

I'm also extremely interested in astronomy and planetary science and exploration. Usually every evening I read NASA news and see what's new and watch almost every live rocket launch.
When I was young I wanted to become an astronaut but this dream soon got deleted because I realized how much in need to learn mathematics and I suck ass with that, overall it's extremely hard to become an astronaut. Since I live in Estonia, this makes things even harder soooo, yeah.

I'm also a big music fan and I'm a producer myself. I love all kinds of music, except the screamo shit. Why would anyone listen to this :D I'm not actively producing tracks, I did the last one almost a year ago. Music I do is EDM( electronic dance music ). In total, I j have completed about 8 or 9 tracks but officially published only 3. My artist name is Fydenza and you could find my tracks from Spotify easily. I really should get myself together and start a new project but one track takes a huge amount of time and that I haven't had lately. Hopefully, sometime in the winter, I pull myself together again.


I have been here in Steemit for over 7 months now and Journey here has been great. I came here to earn( like everybody) but soon I realized this will not happen, at least not in the near future. Nevertheless, I'm still here because I started to love what I do here, I never loved blogging before but now I kinda do, I love sharing my photography and connect with steemit community and see all the other photographers doing here.
Now I want to thank some of the people who have been supporting my posts here for a long time. @rubencress, @cornerstone and @kristves who have trusted me enough that I make quality and awesome content here so they have put me on autovote. As well I want to mention a cool Finnish girl @eveuncovered who sees me as a great content creator and often supports me with biggest upvotes I get here. Make sure to check her out if you haven't already.

So this is me, I hope there are some of you who read this till the end.
Have a great weekend people!


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Wish you are in good health!
Really amazing personality! Hopefully, get success in every aspect of life. "Life is extremely beautiful you should enjoy every bit of it"


Hey, thank you!! And yes I try to enjoy everything.


Good and You are welcome.

I think the ”official” tag is actually #introduceyourself !


yep, I know it now but didn't back then. I didnt put this tag now because I dont need them steemit tutorial comments :D


Haha, smart thinking! 😂

Wow..Great personality sir. Photography is very nice.


Thank you !