✿ Hello! I'm Gneele and this is my first post ✿


So, I just heard about Steemit and DTube, thought the idea of a blockchain based social network and/or video sharing platform was neat and ended up joining. That's the story, really.
As to who I am and what I do - well, I mostly find myself trying a hand at different areas of interest. I do music, pixel art, visual designs, videos and love researching various scientific/philosophical theories, ideas and concepts. It's a lot of things at once - but I didn't say I'm particularly good at any of those things (ᅌʊᅌ)
Hmmm, it's not a great sales pitch. Okay, let's put it this way.
If were to describe what I do in one sentence, it would be - I'm trying to find ways of connecting everything in a more or less coherent holistic vision. That's the dream, anyways. It would be cool to achieve that.

Now, to display something I did - here's this video about DMT I did recently. I'm fascinated by the topic of psychedelic substances in general, and DMT is one of the most interesting psychedelics (to me, at least). So check it out, hope it's interesting to you, too:

I also have a YouTube channel - not sure if my previous videos from it are going to end up on DTube, so here's the link:

As for other things I do - check my tumblr (visual designs, pixel art etc.):

And that's about it for now. Thanks for reading this, have a nice day! Will see you soon (hopefully) ✿✿✿


Welcome to steemit
Hey dear
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