"Of Legends and High Towers: Heroes", a brief introduction.

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Of Legends and High Towers: Heroes

" I compose only to deprive. I stage the unstageable only to return with you for one more story. A story about how, when you stepped from the dark into the light, you became a legend, the bisque doll in the high tower, your own hero, at times the villain. "

© Les fidèles, Madrid 22 October, 2017.

Dear Steemians,

Welcome to my first Steemit blog entry which, as tradition requires, aims to be as well some sort of an introduction. And what better introduction, so I thought, then the very first image and accompanying statement which gave birth to the body of photographic work I would love to present to you all here on Steemit!

The idea behind this blog is really to open up my work to a broader public and through it to, hopefully, over time, create a strong and active following with whom to touch ground on all what concerns (street-) photography.
May it become the place for self-reflection, honest and constructive feedback, storytelling, boundless creative thinking, for the sharing of ideas, and for meeting one another as I had in mind when I set out for this adventure!

Sincerely yours,
Flamenco Sketches.


I love your chiaroscuro style! The composition of your images is so nice. I will follow to see more of your beautiful, sparse photography. I am new to Steemit as well, and I will pass on to you something I recently learned:

You are rewarded for posting, as well as voting. The optimal number of up-votes you should give out each day is 20. That's because one twentieth of your voting power is used up with each vote, and your 100% voting power is fully replenished each day. So not up-voting is just a waste. I make it my habit to up-vote for every person that replies to my posts because it rewards them for rewarding me.

Welcome to the Steemit community!

Thank you!!! Very happy you can appreciate the styling. It's not everybody's "thing" I have discovered. Will try hard not to disappoint you with my future posts!

Glad you replied! About it not being "everybody's thing," I made the same lament to a friend of mine, a famous artist, about my own work. She said, "Reactions are capricious! What do we know?" I like how she included herself in the statement. Just follow your instinct and you can't go wrong.

Thanks for the encouraging words! Of course, your friend is right. I do feel I struggle most with feedback which categorises an image either as beautiful or not and much less considers whether the work has valid artistic value at all. Just because I have still not found any response to such critique I guess. Thanks again for the wise words. Oh... and about me replying... I do realise there tends to be some considerable delay. Sorry for that.

As for reply delay - no problem. I live in the real world too, and am not always at my PC!

Your reply gave me an idea about how to respond to replies such as "beautiful." I could write back explaining why I think it is beautiful, for example, the placement of the focus of interest, or how the light only provides a part of the scene, leaving the observer to supply the rest with his imagination. Then my responder will get a better understanding of why it really is "beautiful." Better yet, I could explain a few of these things in the initial post, so the responder will be better informed in the first place.

I think you might just have given me an idea for a future post right there!!!!

Welcome to Steemit! What an image to start your journey here on Steemit. Lovely light and shadows, great drama to go along with the quote. Looking forward to more already! :D

Thank you!! Very exited to be here!

I look forward to seeing more of your photography

Welcome in the new world! U have e stunning start already. Can't wait to see more.

Thanks!!!Really appreciate you took the time to pass by and have a look!

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