An Introduction: Sanibonani

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Hello to all.

My name is Zakhele Prince Dube.

I would like to say this is my first time so as to get the fresh lavender impression in the heads that read this. I have a profile on the Steemit that I have neglected for something close to a years now.

I don't want mention the name of that prolife because it has not to do with this one, though to might be  advantage for this profile so as it can faster. But I won't.

I intend for it to be, to put it simple, it's own thing so I can entertain a recently rediscovered small talent of mine, comic strips. With that said...

I think should mention here that I am working no revising the style as I am trying to refine my technique. So you will be seeing a change in characters. And you have to excuse the quality. I'm working with small means. I'm hoping to make something of a small income with this and even I were not to, I really do enjoy doing this. Please hammer that like button and, if you want follow me. All constructive criticisms are welcome.

Thank You

Your Sincerely,

Zakhele Prince Dube