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Hey friends ! I'm Dr Qaisar Bashir. I'm a doctor, blogger, you tuber and a traveler. I'm a philanthropist from KASHMIR (India). I535694_443154339125618_275751182_n.jpg'm new on the steemit. I joined steemit to present my perceptions and perspectives in front of you.Being a doctor i deal with all kind of people, people belonging to different strata of society with diverse castes, colors and religions. Here I'm going to share my experience with the steemers.
I see the world through my eyes, i have totally different perspective of seeing the world, which i will share through my posts and i hope u will encourage me through your comments and up votes.


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Welcome! Greeting from South Korea! I am new to steem as well. Lets enjoy steem world together! Will you be my friend? I will follow you~


I hope u really mean what u've written here.It should not just be a trap to get followers . 10Q


yeah sure. i have followed u.

Welcome Doc, it is nice to see you here...
Steemit might look like a whole new world initially with new things like payout, curation and all but it will be lot simpler with time. I would suggest you to have a quick look at short guides about various aspects of Steemit. I will suggest @steemitguide @inquiringtimes. They provide answers to various questions you might have in the mind about Steemit.

Learn The Steemit One Step, One Time.

Moreover Join Various Steemit Communities on Discord App to make friends who will support you here which is the one of the ways to survive here on Steemit. We Kashmiris too have a Community where you can interact with many Kashmiri people who are on Steemit. You can join the Community here...Koshir Steemit

Also the Consistency is the key to survive. Initial Weeks will be tough but strive through them and you would be rewards promptly for your efforts.

Remember the more efforts you put in, The more reward you will acquire.

Also Your Steemit will boom if the content here is original.

Stop Plagiarism

May the Steem be with us All!!!
Steem On!!!


Thanks you so much..I really need Ur guidance. Stay tuned

who r u.. noi dnt know