I've Taught Millions How to Design & Code -- This is My First Post on DTube!

in introduction •  last year 

On youtube I'm /user/designcourse with 153k subs. I'm very, very excited to start using the DTube platform to help all of you start developing and designing web & mobile apps -- that's what I do. I've created hundreds of tutorials and have recorded close to 100 courses for LinkedIn, Pluralsight, Envato Network & DigitalTutors.

I've gone full time this year, focusing on my own online education platform coursetro.com, and I'm looking forward to sharing my content here on DTube.

Let's kick ass together this year.


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We always welcome to you

great job @dreamache. Greetings from Nigeria

Just out of curiosity, as you use the username Dreamache. Could you possibly be the one behind xspore.com and upcominggames.com?


Lol yep "xDreamache", were you a member there??? The xSpore forum was awesome, too bad the game flopped!


Yes! I was "xSkell" part of our tight family <3. The game flopping was a clear death-sentence, a big shame!

Afterwards I began education in web-design, 3D graphics and various visual arts. Now I've established a living from doing some very strange and just absurd projects, mostly video-based. My latest work was a live-perfomance on a local art show.

Good to see you are making a living by teaching others online. Well done old pal.

Cool, it seems like the thing to learn these days.

Hello Dreamache I believe D.tube a very interesting site. But I have never realised that I signed to this site 2 years ago. I must of ignored it will I was on another platform called vid.me. Which it shut last year on December 15th due to their financial problems.

Nice one dear

How did you teach millions with 153k subs? Almost always, sub counts are considerably higher than the number of people who've fully partaken, and even granting that in a field like yours, perhaps the number is higher, it still seems above the line of "HyperBole".

To say you've taught MILLIONS just seems like an unnecessary boast.

Your stuff actually looks quite good.

Maybe you could change the title to be more humble,
and it would be better.



It has definitely been millions, and that's based on several metrics:

  • 8.4 million views on youtube
  • 1.3 million unique visitors on my site in the last year alone, probably around 5 million total in the last 10 years
  • Dozens of video courses featured on some of the top education websites (linkedin, pluralsight)

wow that is big. That means you have reach and touch so many lives across the globe. For instance I am reading this post and watched your video in Nigeria.
Great job @dreamache


PS: I mention it in the title because it's good marketing. People here understandably want larger content creators on DT, and if I can garner more eyes on my intro video, that means more subscribers, which makes it easier as I produce subsequent videos. My buddy on youtube has 300k subscribers and he posted 2 videos here and didn't make anything. I told him that's because he did not make an intro video letting everyone know about his previous success. It's worth mentioning if it's true. ;)

Hello Gary Simon new follower here, waiting for your coding and design tutorials :).

Good for you! I see more and more people making that decision these days, the future is bright!

You sound like an great year! those are good skills to have these days!

FUCK!! That does feel good

I post a blog a day minimum due to my 60 hr weeks but I am aspiring so I would appreciate the follow if you were serious @dreamache

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I will be learning dtube soon. Great post! Thank you :)

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