Phoja now on Steemit! My formal introduction

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Hello and welcome fellow steemians! My name is Micah but the world has known me as Mic Doja, or just Doja for short. I am one half of the Phoja Unlimited team and am a traveler, web developer, creative writer, musician, and an artist in many mediums.

Now a little about myself and Phoja Unlimited. Phoja Unlimited is comprised of myself and my better half, my wife Phoebe and together we form a very powerful and creative dynamic duo. From craft services to private cooking classes, web services to ghost writing and music licensing and more, we have become sort of a jack of all trades based from all our of past work experiences. Some of my past experiences include serving in the military, music production since the early 90's, over 15 yrs in healthcare, and about 4 years as a web developer. As for my wife, she has a degree in culinary arts, bookkeeping, does event planning, and also is very good at knit and leather work to name a few areas of our expertise.

Our story is after both quitting our day jobs we have decided to travel through out North America to see what places speak to us as we try to find a new location to call home, after living in California for a number of years. As a freelance developer it makes traveling fairly easy to do and offers a lot of flexibility. I am fortunate enough to have my good friend @brainpod who found this awesome platform and told me about it. After checking it out some we finally pulled the trigger and signed up and here we are.

We love meeting new people, and experiencing new places and things so if you have a question or comment or just wanna say hi...don't be shy! You can also check out our travels on our blog if you so please at

Until the next post! Feel free to connect with us and take care fellow steemians!

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@devdoja so happy to see you all set up now my friend! Steemit is exciting and we are happy to have you here! Miss you dude! Travel safely.


Thanks brother! Very cool platform.