Darren Claxton

Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening wherever you may be in the world!
I'm Darren Claxton, Father, Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist and Songwriter from Derbyshire in England.

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My family are the most important people in my life, and they inspire me daily, to write the music I create.
I have an 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter and partner of 10 years Karen, who's definitely the boss in our house (I like to let her think).


I'm an eccentric kind of guy and have many interests and passions, including-

  • Music
  • Photography
  • Horticulture
  • Bonsai
  • Metal detecting
  • History
  • Philosophy (Bruce Lee)


baggesen's gold honeysuckle that I trained


Candytuft flower grown for seed


One of my family's favourite Daddy meals is 'Toad In The Hole'

I joined Steemit in January after being invited by a YouTube acquaintance Huw Richards after I wrote some music for one of his permiculture videos. Huw posted a few times then disappeared. He is now presenting for various television networks here in the UK so I guess he's rather busy with that new found fame.

As you're all probably aware, my passion and skill set lies in creating music and songwriting. I had quite a large back catalogue of songs when I joined Steemit back in January, that had been put out to pasture through a sheer lack of faith in the music industry as a whole, and for us independent artists out there, it was an even bleaker picture. No one buys music anymore, I rarely buy a CD or download anything, so why would people buy or download my music? good question hey?


I then discover the Open Mic contest and quickly enter a song. I wake up the next morning to a huge upvote from some person called Curie? Who is this generous person I asked myself. Ha ha! I'm sure we've all been there with curie and other huge up-voting curators right? if you've had the pleasure of entering the Open Mic contest you'll probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

'Here I Stand' was my first entry into the contest and went down pretty well wit the community.

I'd arrived into the Steemit world with a crash, bang, wallop! My love for song writing had been impassioned by the amazing feedback and love shown by a gathering of complete strangers and music fans! I was hooked and wanted to upload some of my old stufio recordings that I'd produced at home on my trusty old Zoom Porta-Studio


So, that invite from Huw to the block-chain, has reignited my music career, and my songwriting hasn't showed any signs of easing as o yet! To this day, I still write a song a week minimum with a creative brain, just bursting at the cranium to be released into the wild!


Artwork by @madcracke

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Much love & respect,

@d-vine, @onemedia & @darrenclaxton

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A big Dazzle Huggins to my Besty @d-vine for inspiring me to write this post!


This is an Amazing introduction 😉👌
Fun to get to know you a little more and how you got here. You have a beautiful family and an Amazing voice... Just magical. Love listening.
Thank you for sharing this and have a wonderful Sunday. Cheers! 🤗

Hey lady!
Thanks for dropping by for a read!

Well.. Than You for sharing it 😉
I also must say that bonsai is amazing and so cool to have one.. Lol
Makes me think of Mr Miyagi... Lol

Wow, this is a selfintroduction after everyone already knows you!!! LOL

Anyway it's nice to have a look at your personal life too!

Great, congratulations for a nice family!

Awesome intro @darrenclaxton ! what a great looking family, love your wifes name Lol! and that Toad in the Hole Looks really yummy, I want the recipe! Loved your song too, looking forward to more. Best of luck on Steemit after 5 months, cheers to many more! upped and resteemed!👍👍👍😀💕

That is awesome!!