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What's up to anybody reading this, it's very squanchy to have you. I'm brand new to Steemit, obviously, so I figure I'd say hi like everyone else does!

As the title suggests my name is Sam but you may call me diz?y or dizzy. I'm 28 as of writing this from my laptop in beautiful southern California, but I was born in Massachusetts. I'll save you the pain of sitting through my origin story, about my child hood growing up in the north shore, before I got my super powers but I'll tell you how I lost them, how I made it out to SoCal.

My first love was music (followed closely by cartoons, video games, and food) and I was always fascinated by every aspect, style, and genre. As it would be for many angry teens though I found my niche to be in the metal scene. I loved the energy of shows and eventually the power of being on stage.

Than My mom passed away on Easter in 2008. I left the reception after her funeral early with my fellow bandmates and rocked out for several hours, days, weeks, and months all flew by. We played many shows and partied harder than any of our peers or fans. After a few years of recording, performing, partying, and promoting ourselves ,however, we eventually split up.

I decided to focus my energy on work and my life immediately fell to shit. I was much more depressed and unstable than I thought and with no musical outlet, it started to eat away at me. One thing always leads to another. I eventually turned to opiates to cover the pain and run from my problems all together. Heroin was in particular an amazing and terrifying drug. Continued use will only lead to jail, institutions, or death. Many of my closest friends are now dead or in jail, sadly almost none of them are in treatment.

As you can probably surmise from the fact that you're reading this; I'm still alive, although in attempts to support my habit without employment I found myself in jail. I only went to rehab one time, and had even made a deal to go to a salvation army for 6 months. The place was a nightmare, if not for the circle of musically inclined friends we developed I would never have survived the 5 months I did.

yes only 5 out of 6 months. In court terms means I was about to eat my suspended sentence of 1 year county time.
which I did.
In 3 different jails
2 separate states.
So much ramen.

Anyways, I got released up in Maine just two days after my birthday in October. I was released on probation until I could come up with the money that I still owed the courts. I would play guitar until 3 a.m. ,in blizzards sometimes, as often as possible down the old port bar scene, you may have even seen me or threw me a buck. I would make maybe a hundred bucks a night here and there when it was going good but it wasn't enough to start pay off my debts.

This is where things get interesting...ish.

I've got a daughter. She's now 6 years old. I haven't seen her since she was about 2. mostly cause of my drug addiction, but also cause of the mothers own life choices and I respect those fully so I don't tend to talk about them to much. However it was new years eve morning and they must have been coming over because my dad woke me up early and put me on a train back to Maine with $20 and a few joints. thanks.

I played hard that night for the bar scene who were enthralled in the ball dropping. than I walked back to the shelter to sleep it all off. I developed a motto in jail: Eat or be Eaten. and that night I went to sleep trying to figure out how I was gunna eat.

Just a few days later as I was walking to lunch I overheard a man talking about a job he was hiring people for. I noticed because one of the people he was talking to yelled out to my friend I was with. He didn't want the job but I did. The job was signature gathering, canvassing, petitioning, however you want to call it, it saved my life. I worked 11-13 hour days everyday for 2 weeks. earned enough to pay off the courts and take care of some of the people at the shelter. The two brothers who brought me into the petitioning world also offered me an invite to California to continue working with them and learning more about the trade. None of this would have been possible if my dad hadn't kicked me out that last time.

So now with almost 4 years of sobriety under my belt; I've been out in Cali for over 2 years now and only 3 weeks into coming to here I met a women whom I've had many amazing experiences with. I've since traveled the country gathering signatures and during the off seasons I still cook.

However, this past year like many of you out there I was revisited by a familiar old term... cryptocurrency. I surely don't need to explain to most people out there how upset I was having not of put any money in years prior, though, lets be honest I never had much anyways.

Well, descending deeper down the crypto rabbit hole I've discovered many things, including this wonderful website concept. The idea of Steemit is so awesome, not that anything I've ever created has generated much in views, I'm very optimistic about Steemit and am very excited to a be a member of this awesome community.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to be posting but I know that I'll be posting almost every day. I'm mostly going to be focusing ( funny word for a kehd with ADHD) on stuff related but not limited to : video games, movies, television, comic books, cooking, music, cryptocurrency, and marijuana. Yes, I'm a strong advocate for the medical uses of marijuana. I call myself a sober stoner. I think they should offer it in place of methadone and suboxone at the clinics but that's a post for another day.

I sincerely thank anybody who may have read all of this. I appreciate you to the fullest. I'm going to do my best to proof read this as to not hurt your eyes with to many typos. I hope to eventually find some people to share ideas with, paly video games, make some music, and whatever else may come my way. because the future isn't written yet and every day is another day to do something new, today I joined Steemit and wrote a story, what did you do?


Welcome to Steemit, buil745in! Best wishes for a very fun journey here in this culturally diversified yet mostly unified community :) Life is good!

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