Hello Steemit! Bishop Weed here!

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I have just found my login code! I lost it. now I have it!
Me, I love 3 things in life. I bet you can guess what they are! The church is my life.

I give you a picture of myself playing the fool. Fun is good! I will update you on my life saving souls so please follow me and ask questions. we can discuss all ecumenical matters.

Bishop Weed (Jack).




welcome here wish you have a good time

I love that show. But I don't think you are Father Jack.

I sure hope you aren't an account that will be up to no good. Jokes are fine, but copypasta and such will just bring about trouble.

Here is the spiel I give to all the New Steemians that I greet:

  • find a community. Maybe join the @minnowsupport project.

  • comment and follow other's articles for your first 1-4 months here more than you do your own posts. This will actually help you to gain Followers. And improve and refine your Posting style(by seeing other's good examples and bad examples).

  • don't plan to get rich. If you come for money, it will probably be a struggle.

  • it will still be a struggle when you are new.... for 2 or 3 months. As you meet more steemians and ask questions and figure things out, it will get easier.

  • only Post original work. Many new Steemians get into trouble when they copy and paste things from Google or from the internet, AND IT IS NOT their photo, writing or work. IF you can't post your own things, better not post. Otherwise @cheetah will get suspicious!

  • comment and make friends, but don't ask "Follow me" or "please Upvote me" Maybe after you have become friends... maybe. But never as your first, second or third comment to them. Never!

  • have fun!

I am a community volunteer. I try to stop SPAM and trash and things that hurt Steemit. IF you see anything like that, please feel free to let me know, I will look into it!

Thats fine! I am not up to 'no good' !!! My name is Jack and I am a bishop, but obviously not from that show! God bless you!

Welcome beloved, steemit is a place for personalities such as you.

You'll do well here, I've up voted your introductory post.

Make friends and have fun.
I'm a friend @maxdevalue

Thankyou! nice to meet you!

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Welcome to steemit. @bsusushba
following you now.

Thankyou! bless you!!!

loving the profile pic there! RIP Frank Kelly! A true Irish legend! welcome to steemit. I'm new here myself but loving it so far

welcome and bless you! love the music!

thanks! means a lot. It's so cool to think that people out there are tuning in.

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