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Hello everyone.

My name is Josh Gwatkin and I started a site called Unveiling Knowledge a few years ago to write article exposing the corruption holding us back from achieving what I beleive we, as a human race can achieve.
I through around the idea of blogging for a very long time. However, I never could pinpoint one specific subject to write about because I felt we need to change so much to really evolve as a people. Although, the process of evolving is very difficult because we have been lied too about virtually everything.

So, I started I site that was kind all encompusing and would talk about the corrupt banking system one day then talk about hidden technologies the next; or focus on the latest dangerous product Monsanto was making one day, then write about the law of attraction, or a super-food the next.

I always hated using google for ads because I do not like them as a company. Although, when I started they were the only way I knew how to monetize the site so I was just not paying out of pocket. However, I found steemit earlier today, and will now remove all the google ads from my site.

Sadly, I have not been able to write much on my site the last few months because my wife and I lost our first born son shortly after he was born on May 15th this year. His name was Atlas Arthur, hence my screen name for this site.

Since his passing, I have wanted to get back into writing, but just have not been able to do so yet. So, I will just upload some of the aticles I have wrote in the past, until I start writing more.

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