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My name is atif hakeem
Iam a university student in criminology department doing masters this is my last year
My age is 25
Iam living with my mom and my brother my all 4 sister's are married
My father is died on 27 oct 2015 at patel hospital through lung cancer daisies
Iam living in Pakistan city karachi
My parrot get died after 11 years then i dont get any pet again
This is it ihope you know everything about me in the shortfoam of my life...thankyou guys.


good shot looking angry

Hahaha thank you lays ireally appreciate your comments iam really thankfull of you....

Welcome to the wonderful world of steemit @atifhakeem . May your time spent here on the platform be productive. This can be a wonderful outlet when properly used. The key is to network with others and make new friends.
If you have any question or just need help getting started, please feel free to join this discord chat group:


Thank you bro i really appreciate your comment and i love to join your group.

welcome to the steemit family.

Thank you abnep its really a pleasure to meet with you you all..😊