Hello to the steemit community, I promise I am me.

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This is me. Not at my finest, but it's me.

Hello, I'm Ash. I'm a videographer based in the North, UK.
Also, I'm the owner of the worst broadband of all time.

I'm excited (look at that face) to have taken the step forward in to the world of Steem, nudged along nicely with assistance from my good friend @anarcotech. Full credit and a big thank you to @anarcotech for introducing me.

The other day I was also in the company of the brilliantly smart and entertaining @starkerz and @stephenkendal - two lovely blokes who sure know how to talk; they say what they mean and they mean what they say.

All three have been working on #promo-steem and I've been helping them with some filming.
More on that soon.

Anyway, steemit, I think we'll get on just fine.


Welcome Ash.

Hello Ash. Welcome to Steemit. It's great to see you here finally. You are going to be HUGE on here my friend, especially given your work with #promo-steem. For anyone who reads this, please note that Ash filmed our new promo-steem welcome video for us yesterday. And he has done it voluntarily for the good of the community that he has just joined.

So please, give him a massive hello. He has already given his time to the Steemit community even before his account was verified. A noteworthy addition to this community.

Thank you @anarcotech for the kind words and verification. I'm always pleased to help the work of #promo-steem - good people on a purposeful mission.
If some folk are indeed interested in the video side of things, then they're in for a treat.

I can attest to this. Ash is the go to guy for music videos round in our area. He's F**KING awesome. Check out his website. http://www.ashtv.co.uk/

Ash, your next job is to get some of the music vids out there. Steemit is exceptional for SEO and its posts often rank at no1 in google searches. Get the community seeing your work, hang out in steemchat, follow music trails (because you are so damn good at working with them) and I promise you will see a huge following in no time.

Also the business guys too. They definitely want your services.

Welcome to #Steemit Ash and thanks again for everything you did yesterday in helping us put together the #Promo-Steem.com Website Promotional Video. An awesome job. I would highly recommend you to any other #Steemit User needing a videographer. Stephen

I second that completely.

Thank you @stephenkendal, it was my pleasure to shoot with you. I'm all in for #Steemit and what #Promo-Steem are all about. Excellent work!

Welcome to Steemit Ash!

Let me Introduce;
I'm Jamal I'm a videographer based in Aceh, Indonesia.
Hopefully you can make a useful post for my knowledge about movies and videos.

Hello Jamal. Yes my plan is to make some videos about my video making.
Any particular part you're interested in?

Nice. I am interesting in directing video/film, how to record a high quality audio and to fix a noisy audio. That will be very interesting and inspiring. Can’t wait for your next post.

Welcome to the platform @ashtv. I work with some musicians on the Steemit platform. Please have a look @edenmichelle @lizzvox @owenkay @shaewebbmusic @leelektrik. Some of their material can be found on SingProductions website - look forward to meeting you sometime

Thank you. Now where do I put my coat and wheres the beer?

I think everything will not be so easy)))

I like your honesty :)

Have fun !)

Welcome aboard and hello from the United States.

Hello from England

Welcome!! Nice picture! Visit my post. I am new too. :)

Newbies eh! I've got a lot to learn. Nice to meet you

Hi..nice to join steemit.. I will upvote you..
Follow me at @alfiadi

I think Australians would have some of the worst broadband in the world... apparently we are on par with speeds in Afghanistan :D Great to see people working together and collaborating on steemit - you'll fit in just great and I hope you enjoy the journey :)

I'm currently enjoying speeds known only on the moon.
I'm certainly looking forward to the future of #Steemit though. Here we go...

Welcome to Steemit @ashtv - I have recently started putting my songs up on openmic - and loving it here on Steemit. I am leaving at the end of the month to tour in America and hope to introduce a lot of people to Steemit

Thank you. That's great with your music and that you're able to introduce Steemit to new people through it!

Wow thanks for ur good did ,everyday i see new things happening in steemit all bcos of nice intelligent people like you,thanks for giving your time to our wonderful community, our new world .all you need do is continue steeming it big

Wow just 50 mins ago ..... i wish my page was that dope

Thanks man, lots more stuff to come.

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Welcome! I think you'll like it here :). And you're already doing well! Congrats! :) xx, Kay

Hi Kay - have followed you. Met you on @pandamama's Christmas concert and now following your openmic entries.

Aw, hi! So cool! So glad you've enjoyed my work! I have to look at more of yours :)

Hello Ash, welcome to steemit. You are at the right place. I must sat the catchy word attracted me to your write up which "I promise to me". Thats what make you " you".. Thumbs up brother..

I'm glad you liked it, thumbs up!

Hellooo theeere! Welcome to Steemit! I'm dying to learn video editing but I don't have so much time. Glad to meet you here and since I am also new here I wish you warm welcome and to enjoy the community :))

Hello, I hope to talk about editing at some point, see where I can help

Hi @ashtv welcome to steemit. Fasten your seatbelt it is gong to be a fun ride in here! :)

gracias por compartir. Un saludo desde Colombia.

Ahh, I see you live in Cleckhuddersfax ;)
I'm just down the A62 at Leeds.
Welcome aboard the Steem-train.
All the best for your progress on here.


Cheers mate, yep not far from Leeds. I'm often filming over there and visiting family.

You're welcome :)

great info. : Hello to the steemit community, I promise I am me.

welcome ashtv, why did you say you are not at the finest? I think you still look great. I love videographing, I studied masscom in school. Its nice you are here. I can see you have no profile picture and cover picture,i just made a tutorial on how to put one on your profile you can check it here

Hello fellow videographer, thank you for the link to help me upload my images :)

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Wow thanks for ur good did ,everyday i see new things happening in steemit all bcos of nice intelligent people like you,thanks for giving your time to our wonderful community, our new world .all you need do is continue steeming it big

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