Hi Steem! My name is Tyler Galaskas and this is all brand new to me.

Hey everyone,

Just like the title says, my name is Tyler Galaskas and the entire world of crypto is something brand new to me! I learned about this all through a friend on Twitter, and ever since he posted his success stories I have been greatly intrigued by this.

I am currently 20 years old and I will be a Junior in the upcoming Fall Semester. I go to college in Pennsylvania, specifically York College in York, PA. I am a major in Communications, and I would love to be able to work in the sports broadcasting field once I have graduated.

I love sports. Whether it's baseball in the spring, football in the fall, basketball almost year round, sports are amazing to me. I dream of working for ESPN one day and being able to travel to sporting events and calling it a career. I played baseball for about 8 years up through high school.

So, a few questions I have for you guys! Like I said, I am very new to this stuff and like I am sure most of you were, I am also still very confused by most of it. The first question I ask you is, what is a good piece of advice you could give me so that I could possibly be successful in earning cryptocurrency? Also, what is a good rate to post at? Should I be posting daily, or weekly, or even monthly? Also, a question related to post themselves, how do I include pictures in my post? I see everyone has them but I am not sure how to do it.

Thanks for the time in reading this and I hope to dive into this wonderful community and share the success with everyone!


Just ignore the wang-bot. Or, don't ignore it, because it has some links, but it's a bot.

I have no idea how you should be successful in earning cryptocurrency on Steem, but I would caution you that if that's all you use the platform for, than that's all you will be helping the platform to become. The currency is ultimately backed by the community of the platform, and so if you want the currency you get to be valuable, you should focus first on participating in the community as a good member, and second on raking in the clicks.

Thank you for this! Note taken. :)

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