I am so lame...Please help me on how to upload profile picture to Steemit

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Hi guys,

Probably I am the one who is so lame but so far I couldn't figure out how to add profile picture to my account.
I tried to put some URL the system asked for but not very sure how it works. Do I need to upload a picture somewhere which I can then copy here?

Please help me. Thank you so much in advance!

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First of all, you are not lame. No one is born knowing how to do things. In fact there are literally thousands of people on this site (myself included) who have no idea how things work in this computer network blockchain crypto whatevertheflipitis...

Sadly I can't help you here, as I simply stared at my computer as well hoping the picture would automatically upload itself. But I do have a friend on here who ended up doing it for me. To be honest if he didn't do it I probably still wouldn't have a profile picture, and I joined this site in June...

His name is @kenistyles, feel free to message him and ask. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help out :-)

Hi @lewisjfclarke,
First of all thank you so much for your kind words. I already feel better knowing I am not the only one with this 'problem'. :) and so happy you managed to upload your picture at the end (there is always a way around) :) you know, for us women normally its just easier to ask an expert a guy who knows computer things to do it for us...

Thanks for the recommendation. I will ask @kenistyles about it and hopefully sooner or later I will be able to upload that picture...:)
Thanks again and have a nice day

I had a quick look for you and if you click the button next to 'post' in the top right corner and then go to settings there is an option to upload a URL on there for a profile picture and a cover photo. You may have some luck if you give that a go

Also with the URL the best way is to start a new post and upload the photo you want. That will put the URL on it (the text that somehow creates the photo). Then copy and paste that URL onto where it says you have to put a URL onto the profile photo

I DID IT! It worked. :) You are my hero.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH @lewisjfclarke

Thank you so much for looking into this for me. Hopefully now I will be able to help others too. :)

No problem, glad it got sorted. I know how intimidating it is to see everyone else seemingly have their stuff together and make you feel stupid, so I try and make a point of helping people so they never feel the way I did when I first started.

There's still lots of stuff I don't get though, and don't feel bad when you ask questions and either no one gives you a straight answer or everyone contradicts each other! The thing is this is so new and volatile that no one really knows what they are doing here so please don't feel bad when you feel like you're not understanding something. Like I said, it's a horrible feeling when you are in a field like this where everyone seems to get it except you. Keep plugging away and soon you'll be comfortable with this platform. Well, more comfortable than before anyway...

Well said!!! :) Yep, I am just a beginner trying to figure out what's happening here, how it works. Fingers crossed I'll get it soon (or at least I've get what I need now because I'm sure I won't understand the whole philosophy behind it any soon...) :)

I just do what I like, posting the things I like and that's it for the time being :)

Thanks again.