Fascinated by STEEMIT. I will tell you about me and why I am here! :)

Hello Steemit, I'm @thewhitewolf, I'm 29 and I come from South East Italy. 


My town is Bari, a nice place where people are strange, kind and rascal. Here u can smell the sea and hear the sound of the wind while the shining sun kisses roughly your face. I'm an opened mind person, well actually too much, I give too much and sometimes I need to stop the world to refill my soul. People want to be listen and I think this kind of social is perfect to share pieces of our heart and "Sè" but beware the "Ego"! The dark wolf, your mask. My friends say I've got a strong aura and actually I agree. I believe in my talent but recently I figured out I have to work hard on my life.  

Who I am?

I am a full time student that is paying his study working always wherever there is a short term job... something that will help me with my study's fees and will give me the time to do my exams. I used modelling but please don't tag me as model, it is for me the quicker way to earn money. I had so many adversities during my life that I had to stop my studies for few years and now that I feel strong I would like to re-start what I left behind me. This adversities make me the strong Woman that I am now!

What I do in my spare time?

Well of course I am not spending my time only studying, I have many friends with who I spend time with but my only Love is my Dog.

Now about #steemit

I have to be honest!!! I don't understand nothing at all about crypto coins so mainly I am here because friends of mine were talking about this social network where anyone can express opinions, writing a post... 
Typing words that are telling you what my feelings are and maybe finally I will open my secrets to you, but that will be the harder part.

Thank you for having me.

I wish to be part of a big family.



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Welcome @thewhitewolf great to have you here. Nice pics by the way :)


Welcome in Steemit @thewhitewolf and really very nice pics :)


thank you @webdeals I am happy you like them