Joining the Steemit party as an amateur cyrpto-investor looking for the latest scoop!

Hi Steemit community,

After being red-pilled 3-6 months ago, everyday brings something new to my attention.

Today it's the Steemit community, tomorrow it could be the realisation of market manipulation through the creation of the electronic assets and derivatives. Actually, that was last week. The point is my journey for truth has just begun.

After realising the potential of blockchain tech, I am trying to get involved in as many crypto-projects as possible.
I would like to use SteemIt to share breaking crypto news and stories which have the potential for price movements.

With the rising hostility on social networks like Youtube and the like, I am joining this community to take part in smart, polite and engaging discussions.

I look forward to connecting in the near future.

Saoirse Frawley

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