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Uuuhm... so where do I start from...

Ok, I am Ebenezer Nii Martey a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and youth advocate with more than 7years experience in young people’s training and development. I have always shared in the believe that, every young person has the ability to succeed hence the onus lies on society to create that ambiance. I am determined to empower as many young people as possible to take charge of their social and economic future. My passion is to help individuals and organizations discover, develop and deploy their potentials for global impact. I am a Culture & Tourism Graduate from #KNUST.1484588565757.jpg

I have quite an interesting leadership journey from secondary school, through university till date and this has left me with lots of experiences. I am the Chairman of the UNFPA Youth Advisory Panel in Ghana. A member of the Children and Youth in Broadcasting Curious Minds. I am the founder and President of Futurepreneurs Africa a youth-led NGO focused on building an emerging society of young business and social entrepreneurs poised to take advantage of the socio demographic dividend in Africa to create a social-economic security. I believe in functional education where young people create wealth and jobs for themselves and others. Screenshot_2017-11-19-01-57-36.png

I am the lead Planner of the 2018 Annual Youth Education and Empowerment Summit slated for November in Rwanda and an Alumni of the Young African Leadership Initiative.26731253_1812396275459491_781219043395537890_n.jpg

Aside this I have played a much appreciated role in Students and Youth activism, advocacy and leadership. I was the Deputy Speaker of the Commonwealth Youth Parliament of Africa 2013/2014, after I have served as Speaker of the same organization 2014/2015, I was again Speaker of the KNUST Students Parliament in Ghana. 28379786_1862360940463024_4725913029069709065_n.jpg

I have worked and volunteered with various organizations including the Student and Youth Travel Organization (SYTO), Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES GHANA), Innovation for Empowerment and Development (IFED) amongst others.

Ok enough of all that lol ,I am a social media addict, I love to read, party hard and have fun. I am a travel freak with a constant urge to travel, I have been to about 11 African countries and 2 European countries and still counting,am positive through Steemit, I can visit some more countries lol. 11831705_10206927843012573_8853008755021685267_n.jpg

But yes, I believe it is past time young people get rewarded for being active on social media and Steemit comes at the right and perfect time. See we are tired of buying internet data to post, update and share content on social media for free. My being on Steemit means that more fun and active engagements with you, I hope to be sharing some travel and youth related opportunities as well as some educative entrepreneurial stuff, but hey, I am here to have fun like on all my other social media pages just that I will be making money from here lol. 26731155_1524491420996864_8583279394328821860_n.jpg


Amazing..we need more of you to share good are about to receieve the greatest testimony as you find yourself here on this blockchain platform..keep up the good work and share on steemit quality are most welcome @honnii. Resteemed

@mcsamm am most grateful and looking forward to the #steemit experience

Yes welcome to steem! Post everyday! Use the @steepshot app if you need a nice mobiel app to use to give a more instagram like experience for just posting images, make sure you follow the template @mcsamm has laid for you on his blog

he has been here almost a year so youre lucky to have him as a fried here! He resteemed your post and that is how I saw it!

Just make sure you really work hard and pretnd that youre already a famous youtuber, make videos, BE that guy who turns steem into a professional looking platform! BE that guy who brings stem to the hals of governmenta nd big private companies in Ghana and all of West Africa... BE that guy who makes those professional looking videos for steem along with casual instagram style lifestyle shots and videos selfies etc, that's what we need! More content and mix in some pro style content, with casual content

And you will succeed if you post like this everyday!

MAKE URE you start using @dtube and really start posting hardcore on dtube, lotsof vieos everyday! You will be noticed bythe hales as someone who goes the extra mile and rewarded so handomsly! I believe you can really make yourself stand out with videos :D Good luck and make sure to read far back into mcsamms and tj4real blogs see what sort of work they do is amzing work, its philanthropic and entrepreneurial at the same time and STEEM and its steempower tokens and investment system makes this all possible.

Oh and here is a 15 cent 100% Upvote for your comment :D Imagine if you got 15 cents or maybe half a Ghanian cedi every time you made a facebook or twitter comment :D THIS is what steem's promise for you!

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Hey @honnii, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

Thats good to know, thanks. @exxodus

Bienvenido, y gracias por compartir esas fotografías.

@Santamorillo lol i would be glad to know which language this is so i go and learn and communicate with you . Anyways I am humbled

Hola amigo, usa las herramientas que te ofrece google, para aprender a comunicarnos, yo no se mucho de idiomas pero busco traductor de google y por alli me guio para leer de todos los que publican y puedo leer y entender, gracias por respuesta ja,ja,ja, me alegran este tipo de comentarios tan motivadores, la idea es aprender.

Hola, estamos aquí para ayudarnos y aprender algo nuevo cada día, yo no conozco mucho de idiomas, pero con el traductor de google me ayuda mucho para leer post de diferentes autores, úsalos para que te vayas orientando un poco mas, gracias por pasar a mi blog.

Welcome on board, I can see you are filled with enough energy to succeed on steemit.

We'll pinned down. Expecting to read more of such posts.

Most definitely, i am humbled @frimpsmaaanuel

Dear friend! Next time also use #wafrica and follow @wafrica to get an upvote on your quality posts!

Well noted. Just followed you,

Saluton @honnii kaj bonvenon je Steemit! Estas tre internacia platformo ĉi tie kun tre diversaj homoj kaj lingvoj. Bonan vojaĝon al vi!

@johano Saluton unfortunately i dont understand, kindly send in english else i would have to go learn your language lool

Ha ha , I am playing around. It is Esperanto the international language, the most easiest language to learn. Welcome on board!

Wow welcome bro... We are here for u in all things ... You have a greater chance to make it right in life here on steemit.... Juat keep your heads down,upvote, comment, and make yourself visible to the community.....
As i always say

  • Keep doing what you do best

enjoy your stay here. @honnii

Welcome to Steemit! Follow you hope you will follow me! ;)