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Hello Steemians! Its me.. My name is Katrina Guédez, unusual name but well known. I’m glad to introduceMyself here and really excited to be joining this growing community! Actually I’m 17 years old! But finally, I graduated from high School last year and graduated from a bilingual school too.

I enjoy moonlight strolls on the beach, red roses, and romantic Adele’s song….. Just kidding! I’m not a fan of any of those things (Except for Adele’s song, I mean, I really love Adele)


More seriously, I’m a writer, so you can enjoy some of my stories, poetries and very interesting post. Where am I from? Well… It’s difficult to explain now; I come from the land of beautiful natural places, friendly people, GREAT food! And the worst government ever…. Yeah, I’m from Venezuela. But I’m proud to be Venezuelan, Guys.


I could describe myself like an Open-minded girl who likes to enjoy the freedom while is eating a chocolate cake with some coffee. I love dogs, but sadly I couldn’t have one (yet) My friends would describe me as Passionate, funny and interesting girl who makes the best pancakes in the world, (exaggerate but true) My boyfriend told me that I’m an annoying person, that’s why I love him. I don’t know what can I do without him, he has been my best friend since 2013 (five years ago and long time ago!) the fun fact was that I met him in a social media and then, after hours talking, we discover that we were going at the same school, in the SAME grade but different classroom! Hahahha The best causality eveeer.


Finally, to conclude this Introduceyourself, I’ll Move on to Canada to study (And work) in a college with my boyfriend, it would be a very hard work ‘cause leave Venezuela is so DIFFICULT, without money, still being minor of age, trying to be an adult…Oh my Goodness!

By the time, I hope describe the process posting here at steemit.
Thank you for read me!

Vote and reesteem, I’ll do the same, Guys.

-KPGuedez xx

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welcome to the family and enjoy .. best of luck


Thank you so much! <3


welcome .. i followed you .. you are pretty


I followed you!

Welcome to this outstanding community! I love you so much baby and I totally am glad you're here!


Te amo! I love you so Chocolate Teddy <3

Welcome to steemit Kat. I hope you enjoy it!! greetings from Colombia!!