Hi everyone my name is Justin
Am from Nigeria and I also based in Nigeria.
My bro introduce me to steemit last month so I decided to give it a try.

Am an upcoming gospel artist (rapper) I base on sharing the gospel through music I also minister. all I do with my time is just to give meaning to everyone's life.
Am here to use steemit to work with my own motion of living I will be posting message that can turn your life into light 💡.

Am also here to make friends who can also motivate me and I can also add to my own understanding with values.

About Upvotes I will do as much as possible to Upvote in steemit because I noticed that is one of the main reason of steemit so it must be done regularly.

About my career I will also be sharing some of my music audio and videos too and some other gospel artist like lecrea, nf, kb etc .

Am happy meeting you guys I know it will be super Upvotes for Upvotes here so am ready for it as well the is inform of fun to me too

Thanks for having me here on steemit am also happy having you guys.1521220164478.jpg



Good Stuff, Welcome. Cant wait to see what content you will make . Have a great day

@justinewhite Wish you all the best happy Steeming :)

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