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In the evening the reddish color wrapped around the sky which initially looked blue, gripped into darkness. Ayutemayun sun in the east Hello all!:)

I am asnawir(dts74), an accountant with a profession looking for used goods to sell, of some kind, from the Philippines.

Sometimes I write, I think photography is beautiful and sunset and sunrise is the true wonder of nature .I think poetry is a magnificent way may seem lacking.And I think steemit is a good venue for these words.

I found steemit through my one of my friends @csalupado.Thanks Besh! :) I think this is a great venue for me to write and well, probably earn? :) But the main point being, to write and share with you guys. Writing has also become a welcome break from all the numbers I deal with at work.You can expect me sharing my poems, some quotes and perhaps some photographs I took myself, too.

To end this #introduceyourself post, I'm sharing a poem I'm a long time ago I'm sharing a poem, Ian Thomas of

I write because you exist.
I find the right words
Find the right rhyme
Hoping that it all sounds fine.
I wish to say the right prose
Make the right poems
Find the right rhythm.
So I could write
The right things
And find the right emotions

I write, my dear, because you exist

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Hi there @ansawir welcome to the steemit platform.. I am looking forward in seeing your content... Keep in mind you can also upload pictures