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Hi fellow Steemians....

Filled with joy the very moment I discovered an awesome platform like this.
‎ This exposure came to reality all through the enlightenment of some great minds @euronation led by the boss himself @eurogee and his great team such as @smyle, @sweetestglo-eu, @bobelr, @drigweu, @dray91eu, @edith4angelseu, @janiepearl and @adore-eu, indeed you guys are awesome.


My name is Babatunde Temitope and I'm from Lagos state, Nigeria. 2nd Chilld of the children of 3, currently studying Human Physiology from the prestigious university of Ilorin, Kwara state.
My beliefs and thought have actually kept me going until recently I got to know there's a distinct thing about diversity of thoughts and beliefs, and through this I have kept an open heart towards other people beliefs in which it's has really help .


Growing up, I was always quick in solving people's problems especially problems involving the psychological and emotional aspects of life, gradually I started giving motivational talks and some counselling and later on I started writing. After series of writing hoping they would one day pave way for me but none was coming forth.  There were days I would search for freelancing jobs  just to be a part of something big, but all were futile but yet I still kept the hope strong thinking one day I would be part of something big.  It got to a point friends and colleagues would tell me if I knew the kind of stuff I have got embedded in me and would ask me my reason for not thrusting out and all I could do is just let out a smile and say when the time comes I will definitely Launch out. But until now , hearing about this platform I feel I actually have a shot at something big, all this while, my optimisim finally made it.

Definitely everyone has received thier share of life and I haven't been left out of that.
I remember the days of growing up with difficult decision and calls to make and there is one which was the mightiest of all the call I had to take and that was when it was time to decide what profession I would like to venture into, been a bright kid, Father wanted me to study medicine buh all I wanted to do is to study computer science and that was where there was conflict of interest and it took about two years for me to take the call. It came dawn on me that I had to think about the economy and the family I had found myself in and besides it should not be about me and my happiness buh rather our collective happiness as a Family, so far I could still thrive in the field, so I took the call of aligning my path with that of my father's advice.

Right now am focused on thriving in the medical school and hopefully in soonest get an MBBS degree, also am running a platform(although yet to be official) aimed at reaching out to the less privileged whereby we create awareness, motivate, counsel and distribute relief materials to the needy.

Right now I feel am exhausted , having said all I could remember about myself. Thank you very much for your time.
Kindly please give me the vibe to keep writing by: RESTEEM, UPVOTE AND FOLLOW



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