One month on Steemit - 62 Followers. Unbelievable Experience. zombiess team.

in introduceyourself •  10 months ago

Today we are one month on Steemit and have more the 60 followers!

1 month ago we become a member of this amazing community which gave uw so much opportunities and abilities I can't even describe!

This is amazing how nice people treat us here.

Most of my time I am spending here, watching how fast people are developing and how better this platform becomes! This is amazing and I hope that one day I will be successful member of this enormous community too. I already made approximately 60 post and yet everything great is in the future! I am glad that I found a place where I can work hard and work free!

There are some things that I like to do on Steem.

Read other peoples introductions
Write about myself
I think that I write about myself a lot. Why not? maybe one day I become a role-model for someone! I wish a was that successful man.


@zombiess looks forward to bringing high quality content to Steemit and interacting with all of you!
Stay tuned for more information.


@zombiess team.

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Congratulation @zombiess I know you will have more followers believe it or not, just keep up the good work. =)

congrats man. this is a milestone

Kepp on the work!
You got one more follower now ;)


oh no, unfollowed, you are a spammer!

congrats on completing your 1st month on Steemit. Cheers!