Human vision is often focused IN appearances and possessions

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The views of these people often focused on appearance and wore a real treasure . Humans appreciate those who boarded luxury cars , expensive dress and physical appearance handsome .

Meanwhile , those who have physically not too good-looking , a treasure that is not how and what their vehicle is often a mockery even insults . In fact, the best man in the sight of God is the man who has good morals and piety .

Terkisah in an urban area who were planning the construction of a mosque , mosque trustees underfunding in achieving such development. All the efforts already deployed over backwards , but only a few people who want to contribute and even then only in a small amount of funds so that development which should be sorted out in a short time ago finally had to be postponed due to lack of funds .

In the midst of such confusion, [nextpage title = "Read More"]
chairman of the building committee of the mosque attended by someone using a makeshift clothes. The chairman of the committee immediately answered greetings and first look of the window just who is visiting the house. By the nature of the urban bit to see material, the chairman of the committee to focus only check whether the guests who come to him using a vehicle such as a car or motorcycle.

But apparently the guests who come do not use any vehicle and had terbesit in the mind of the owner of the house, "For what does the poor man come here?"

Because it is such guest was at the front door, the chairman of the committee eventually invited him to sign and told him to sit down. After a few minutes asking about his arrival to the residence of the chairman of the building committee of the mosque, finally the guest is asked, "I wonder how much money is needed Pak for the construction of the mosque?" Feeling that his is not a rich man, snapped and bit of understatement, the chairman of the committee said, "Around 300 millions of hell."

After getting the answer he wanted , finally saying goodbye to the guests before giving his cell phone number . He advised the committee chairman, " Pak was possible tomorrow or the next day gave time to come to the office to take care Religion letters development. But before that you should call me prior to this number . God willing, hopefully no provision for such development. "
Although he had little do not believe , but the chairman of the committee agreed and the next night he said to the other committee about the arrival of guests who experienced this afternoon . Most of these committees there are said sharply , "Please do not urusin people. Leave it alone. Try , from which the person can get that much money for the construction of our mosque ? "

Because the talk some of his colleagues , the chairman of the committee eventually decided not to come to the office the next day religion .
Later in the day, with God idzin a resident who once pilgrims who are there want to take a car in the show room and wanted to be accompanied by the chairman of the committee. So they went both of which turned out to show room adjacent to the office of Religion.

When the transaction has been completed taking care of the car, they both went home. When viewed in the direction of religious office, the chairman of the committee was curious and said to his partner, "What if we just come to the office Religion da call guests yesterday?" Although he had hesitated, his partner finally said yes too.

"Assalamualaikum pak! How so willing to contribute to the construction of mosques yesterday? My father wait until 11 pas. If Mr. late, I would not wait for me a lot of business. "That statement of the chairman of the committee when calling guests who came to his house yesterday.

When the clock struck 11 over 5 minutes, both of them took the initiative to return. But from a distance it looks a figure that yesterday came and halfway up the rickshaw approached religious office

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