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Where should i start from hmmm my name is Dare but my friends call me Zamani which am also i also love the name olu.JPGafter my noticing my skills and talent in Face Painting, Art Design and Freelance Cartoonist.
I have been waiting for this opportunity after hearing a lot from some of the steemian in my neighborhood. As an artist that design cartoon, paint face for friend, children, and group street dancer for some month now and also do art work designing; creating funny face for my friend is what I do most time for my friend in neighborhood.
my.jpgAm from Lagos, Nigeria born and bred in the most popular city in Nigeria, Lagos lagos.jpgas a kid have always been on the street, having fun with my friend painting face for them drawing there carton face and funny face.
After a group of dancer notice my talent and were interested it they assigned me as there face painter for any occasion there were to perform. After assigning me for this job I was so happy and started believing in myself and now take art as a God choosing job for me.
Not quite long on this I got a call by a Food Company “INDOMIE” people.jpgafter seen some of my art work and face painting, they were amaze with it and decide to invite me to a program they organize for some school children tag “Grassroots Culture and Art celebration” which I was invited to paint face for the children in addition to make the celebration glamorous. it was fun this are some of the picture of that day
day 1.JPG

day 2.JPG

day 3.jpg

day 4.jpg

This was the limelight to me as a kid for a big food company like “INDOMIE” inviting me to paint face in is not a mere fit and since that time have put more effort in improving my skills and trying to update myself with old and latest face painting design. Though has a kid have never get to meet a great singer Fela Kuti of Nigeria but have check some of his band video performance and have seen a lot of work put in by his face paint designerfel.jpg
who am try to emulate.

Never know of this before I just post for fun in facebook, instagram, and whatsap status not until I was enlighten by some of brother and sister in my neighborhood who are ahead of me in this platform they told me about good work steemit is doing that here I will be able to blog, vote, post and ear steem.jpgand earn which was good compare to other platform.

I heard about some of whale in steemit how they have been supportive and helping the new babies in the platform, i read about:

@papa-pepper in the community as a generous man who help humanity.

@surpassingoogle how he has use is steemgig to promote skills and talent of steemian.

@@@surfyogi as an art promoter who love art and help artist in the community, I was told he manage and promote art through the revelation of #artzone and #wafrica tag artz.jpg

After signing up to steemit have personally check the art field and have seen many influential people on the platform, i read about @@@surfyogi how he has been particularly promoting West African Art through #wafrica and I was happy knowing this that been a Nigerian from West African this is a tag I should be proud of.

I've always wanted to explore new things in my whole life in order to have experience, learn more and also to enhance my skills in every way. Am here to develop more to follow footstep of the senior in steemian and learn more hope I will be welcome.

This is the best time to say good bye to facebook and instagram, this is a new home and am honour to be here hope I could rest my back on the senior here.

In steemit I have new home hope welcome.


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Hey Dare! Welcome to steemit, I like your works, really impressing!
Hope you'll like being part of steem :)


Sure i will thanks

Hello welcome to steemit!! it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community.....wish you all the best.

wow you have some pretty awesome art skills and great to do face painting for the youth it makes kids so happy. I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post on the bottom is link that will teach you, then after you make yours feel free to enter the contest to create mine. here

Hey dear
Welcome to steemit
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Welcome to steemit my friend, i am very sure you will have a wonderful stay here in steemit. Just interact and make plenty of friend and I am sure with this you are going to do very well here. Nice artwork friend and i wish you plenty of luck in your steemit journey, Steem on.


Welcome to Steem Community @zamaniart! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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