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I am Zafer an 32 year old geek, traveler, dancer, surfer, runner, diver, yogi and positive thinker. My biggest hobby is to see to see other cultures and leave my safe zone, destroy all safe zones. Only in that way you will face the real experiences.


I think the most important thing a trip can teach people is "human love". Getting to know new cultures, exploring common and different aspects will greatly enhance you. Whether you go to another city 1 or you go to another country you realize that people have similar characteristics everywhere.

Does he travel a lot, do he read a lot? This question seems very meaningless to me. Neither is the same thing? Traveling, the action of reading some kind of world; reading is a way to travel around the world.

Why do we get up and go somewhere? To return to our home. To become a whole new person with what we read on the go. The life we ​​live in and we can look at ourselves with new eyes, to see new colors. Going back to where you started never makes you the same person. It ends in your life So what are you standing for? Get out and start reading!

When dancing it is no matter who you are, what you are experiencing, what you are upsetting, what you are happy about. Only you and your music is important to you. So sometimes the solution is, the medicine is what you are living with, whether you are aware or not. So, as you shine ... As you shine, you realize first, how beautiful and endless you are in your music, and then you start to encounter questions. "There is a beauty in you" "You look very good" "Something changed in your life?" Ready, something changed, yes. As you take out the energy inside and increase your awareness about yourself, nothing will be the old one for you ... So you have to dance ... Let's light up and enlarge your existing beam, dance to enlarge, let's dance.

When you dive into the blues, everything on the water will be left behind ... All the sad problems will fly away. Only you and the underwater world that surrounds you will remain colorful residents. We all have tried to look at the pallet masks and snorkel teams as if there was a spot in the water and to examine the gold of the water. In this way, we may have caught the fine details of hidden beauty underwater, but the way to feel that fascinating atmosphere deeply is only to meet the incredible creatures we have seen in the documentary comes with the diving.

In today's busy, fast-paced world, your mind is constantly working, you might be thinking about what's going on. The moment of yoga gives you life and helps to clear your mind. The things that lead to the stress and things that we usually get stuck on and that we create a lot of scenarios. While these make us wasting time, yoga makes clearing up easier.

Hello again!! I believe i will be having great time. I will try to follow everyone who follows me :)))