Ready or not, here I am!

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Come here and listen, folks!
I'm about to tell you a story
of a girl who loves books;
who never ever says she's sorry,
         for the things she believes are the truth.

Her eyes sparkle like stars,
with each sight of dogs, she gladly sighs.
And though, her heart was scarred
she still prays to the One up in high -
         "Lord, love for all, food for ev'ry mouth."

She scribbles on paper,
of the feelings she refused to show.
Uncertain as weather,
Her emotions are deep 'though hollow -
         She had been this way since her youth.

One day, she told me
of fears crippling her heart in sorrow
"Aye! I hear 'em," laughed she;
"Always at midnight, gone on morrow."
         Speak I can't - I know no words to soothe.

"Demons under my bed;
cursed me with anxiety and fears.
Monsters inside my head;
I hear 'em whispering in my ears."
         Her words burn me like fire burned a moth.

"Sure, I must be crazy!
I'm a whirlwind and a hurricane,
a fancy young lady,
I bring thunder out of a lil' rain.
         Love's all I need - the one I'm in drought.”

Come, all of you, and hear!
I'm about to tell you the story
of my life which, too, belongs to her.
I'm the girl who never says sorry,
         The crazy girl; the girl from the South.

words by Ysa Tumulak


Hi, there!

You may now know tidbits of me based on the poem above. But let me share a little bit more facts in bullets:

  1. I am a Certified Industrial Engineer and an Associate ASEAN Engineer.
  2. I am Wattpad writer with 2 of my works/books published nationwide (Yes! You can buy them in National Bookstore, Pandayan, Booksale, and Precious Pages. You can also buy them online.)
  3. I am Psicom Online Writer.
  4. I know you are intrigued why I took up engineering when I want to become a writer. But yeah, things do happen for a reason.
  5. A Filipina - heart, blood, and flesh. (See below pic for proof. Hehe!)


Photo 05-11-2017, 12 53 10 AM.jpg

So, I'm here because of taran-taraaaaan (drum rolls, please) @smaeunabs (please see pic below to see her awesomeness):



Isn't she awesome and amazing? Yes, she is. I can guarantee you that. :) She's actually the one who influenced me to use Steemit as a platform in writing because (1) she knows I love writing, (2) she knows how much I looove writing, and (3) she knows I need extra pennies. Such a selfless, lady! I'm incredibly touched. Haha!

But you know what, it wasn't easy for me to get in Steemit. I waited for a month to get approved. I lost hope but well, thanks to @drakos and @timcliff for the help. I pretty much appreciate it, guys.

Anyway, I will be blogging about (yes, guys, bullets again):
  1. Book reviews - I think I have a hundred of books with different genres (I don't stick with one genre). So I'll be reviewing them based on my views and perspectives. I will also tell you about how the certain book touched me in a way.
  2. Travel/Adventure - I travel. Not a lot. But I do it once in a while to unwind and lift my exhausted spirit. And to get away from the city (and from toxic people).
  3. Poems/Stories - as I've mentioned, I love writing. I always dreamed to be a writer (and yes, I already am, but I want to be better at this craft).
  4. Personal Life - I have this blog before wherein I poured the recesses of the depths of my soul. So yeah, I'm gonna share some of it that I think is worthy to share.
So, let's all have fun and nice meeting you all.

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Your comments on this post are highly appreciated, especially comments with regards to the poem above.


Welcome to #Steemit! I'm sure you will have a great time here. My daughter's name is Ysa also! Same spelling and all. :)

Thank you. 😊😊 Ysa is just my nickname. But nevertheless, it’s a great name so I keep on using it. Hahah

Hers is a nickname as well... short for Ysabella :)

Haha. Omg. Hahaha. My name isn’t Ysabella though hehe

@ysathewriter Welcome to Steemit! You will love this community.

Hi @phillip20steem! Yes, I’m starting to love it here. 😊

Wew! I love your introductory @ysathewriter, I can feel humor side of you. I'm smiling while I'm reading your blog. Heheh, It's not boring.

Welcome to Steemit Dear!
Steem On!

Yay! Thank you for dropping by. 😊 I will work hard to give great contents for everyone to read.

That's great. Looking forward for more posts from you! Aja! 😊😁😍

Welcome to steemit @ysathewriter. Hope you'll have a great time 😊

Hi. Thanks. 😊

Asa si @smaeunabs diria? Kanang tukog sa baba? 😂😂😂

A unique way of introducing yourself @ysathewriter. God bless you. :)

Siya nang gwapa dira hahaha.

Thank you. God bless us all. 😊

Hahahahaha starring lage ako fez! Welcome ysa!!!!

Hahaha. Yah! Di ta ko ganahan naa akong face. Thank you. :*

Welcome to Steemit, @ysathewriter! Saw your description, and I said the same thing on my introduceyourself post, "My mind is noisier than my mouth." Lovely poem, by the way :) Hope you'll like it here

Wow. Thank you for liking the poem. 😊 Yes I’ll surely enjoy being around here. See you around.

It is a pleasure meeting you! And if you have any questions, please ask- I post a lot of advice and tips for minnows- or newbies :)

You made my heart jumped a little. Haha. I thought you already picked a winner from your contest. 😂😂😂

Yes please, I do need some tips. So I’m following you. 😊

ok I'm an engineer too.
And I'm a writer too, probably not as gifted as you but I think I4m improving 😉
anyway wolcome to steemit. I think this is a very brave way to introduce yourself so good luck 😊

Wow. An engineer and a writer rolled into one. A hi-five to that! 😊 I think you are gifted as well, you just have to keep on writing so you’ll hone your skills.

About my intro post, yeah, I don’t think someone ever introduced their selves with a poem before. Haha! Here’s to many firsts. Thank you.

I sense a good writer in you, and indeed you are... Welcome to Steemit @ysathewriter, another Filipina good writer, I know you will thrive and do well here, even surpass me, i believe. Remember me, when you already have super Steem Power here. God bless!

Thank you @joshvel. I have a long, long way to go before I can surpass you. You’ve been talking with different people which I cannot do. That’s a God’s gift talent, Brother.

I will remember you and everyone who helped me during my baby steps here in Steemit.

God bless you too. 😊

Hi there @ysathewriter! Welcome to steemit! Knowing that you have a wattpad story that has been published made me excited to the other posts that you will share here on steemit. I am sure that I will be reading through quality posts from you and looking forward to that. Again, welcome and enjoy your stay here.

Ps. What novels were those that has been published?

Thank you. Please don’t expect too much from my writing. Hehe. I’m not that good. I think you are a better writer. Speaking of, I read your post about letting go of your superhero, I have the same experience. It is so hard but life must go on. Stay strong.

You had me at writer and the more i read about you the more i got interested!!

I followed you so hopefully I will read your short stories, poems and wonderful book reviews. I love books ever since a kid and continue to read in this day and age haha.

Welcome to Steemit and I know you will further enrich the content of it.

Hi. Thank you so much. I ain’t that good so please lower down your expectations. Haha. I need more practice and more wisdom.

I hope I’d get to read more from you too. 😊

Welcome to steemit community..Im a wattpad reader before I got addicted to kdramas hihi Im looking forward for your next blogs.Im sure you will enjoy steeming.. 😗

Thank you. I hope I can reach your expectations. But I’m giving my best to give you great content. 😊😊

The bells have tolled, the trumpets sound.
Stories be told, my Goddess found!

Welcome to steemit and welcome to steemitfamilyph!!!


Wow. Nice verse. Haha. Thank you for welcoming me. 😊

Glad you appreciate my little something for a welcome...

Hi Ysa, welcome to Steemit! I'm so glad another talented writer has joined this community. I like how you started your intro with an amazing poem! It is unique, and it just shows how creative you are as a writer. I also write poems, but I am not as good as you. :D It's also nice to know that as early as now you already know your niche. I love to travel, and I love poetry as well, so I guess it will be worth my while to follow you. :) Again, welcome, and I look forward to reading your future posts.

Hi, thank you. Yeah. It dawned on me that I wanted a poem as in intro. Took me 4 hours to know the right words that would fit me if I were to describe myself. 😊

I’m going to give my best shot to give you great content. But please don’t expect too much 😂

Welcome to steemit!! @ysathewriter😊
Cheerss to all engineers!!! Cheers!!

Yaay! Thank you. Cheeeeeers! 😊

OOH hi! Welcome to steemit, I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Looking forward on your next blog! 🙂

Thank you. 😊 Yes, I’ll definitely enjoy. People are so friendly.

Welcome to steemit and steemitfamilyph.

Yay! Thank you.

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Welcome to Ohana @ysathewriter! Looking forward to your blogs. Have fun here! See you around.

Hi. Thank you. See you around, too. 😊

You beautiful, enjoy the vote and reward

Thank you. 😊

nice and i enjoy it,thanks for that

Wow. Glad you enjoyed it. 😊

Hello kabayan. Welcome to steemit. BIG HUG.

Ganda ng intro. at ng poem, and I also like your username @ysathewriter :)

Hi! Thanks for welcoming me here. And big thanks for liking my intro and my poem. Hehe. I go by @ysathewriter always. 😊

saktoha pagka himu sa poem ue.

lahi pero payter.

Hehe. Salamat kaayo sa pagbasa. 😊 lavaaarn!!

Sa aq lang na bantayan ha. 1st and 3rd og 2nd 4th lines ang ni ryhme then all bunos nga line kai ni ryhme maong naka ingon q nga lahi. Hehe

Hahaha. Yeah. Ang syllables per line sad 69699. Hehe

Luh. Samot ka lahi jud. Haha. Karon paq. Payts kaau. Haha

yehey salamat 😊😊

Followed u bdw. Para maka basa paqg mga balak nga payter. Haha

Struggling writer-kuno here :D I'm Gil, writing in Binisaya. I'm planning to do a weekly chapter update on a novel that I am working on. I hope ma-review nimo Hahaha. Great! Naa na gyod koy nakitang writer. Looking forward to read your works here.

Hi. Where do you post your chapter updates? I’m willing to read them when I have my free time and give some feedback. 😊

Maybe I can make a tag for all my possible novel chapters and maybe put a link to every post that make. Don't worry I will let you know. I'm following you now so I can also read your works. I wish there's a curation guild for Filipino writers (and wanna-be writers) ^^

I’ll ask around if there’s one. Did you join steemitfamilyph groupchat?

Is this different from the Please do send me a link. Okay lang?

I don’t know hahaha. You can find the group in FB. Steemit Family Philippines.

Ay, sa discord pala yun. Sure. I will check asap.

Hahaha. Discord is for gamers (?) hahaha

welcome to #steemit community @ysathewriter
asan po si ysathedancer? ysathesinger? ysathemultitalented :D
Bless you!

Yay! Thank you. Hahaha. Sadly, I’m not multitalented. Hahaha.

Yes you are!

Aw! Haha I wish I believe in myself the way you believed in me. Haha

Welcome @ysathewriter! You'll surely like it here. Nice poem by the way.

Yay! Thank you for liking the poem. 😊

don't mention it :*

Ganda ng tittle hehe kanta ng Fugees - Ready or Not hhe. Mahilig din ako sa mga libro History Geography at mga libro na isinulat ni Niccholo Machiavelli :P

Oooh! Niccholo. Haven’t read any of his works yet, though. 😊😊

very cute engineer, wish you many success in your life

Thank you. You, too, I wish you success. 😊

okay first off, i'm inlove with your poetry

Wow. Thank you. ❤️

Welcome, @ysathewriter, Your poem is so good.
Nice post. Upvoted.

Thanks @smartgeek 😊


Ready or not, I am here.

I am ready to read from you. This is a very nice way to introduce yourself.

Yaay! Thank you. 😊😊

Welcome sa steemit.. Anong title ng book?

Thank you. Sasabihin ko po when the time comes hehe.

Woah you love making poems too! :) looking forward to more of your creations! Welcome to Steemit bisdak represent! :D

Yay! Thank you. I’ll try to create great content for you, guys. Hehe.

Also a newbie here. Welcome sa atin dito! :)

Yay! Thank you. Welcome rin. 😊

Welcome to the club Ysa! 💜

Yeheeey! Thank you. 😊

Welcome to Steemit! I just started here as well, but I see you've made quite the entrance! I'm sure you'll do very well here. :) Writing is also my passion but school has gotten me busy. Hopefully with Steemit, I'll have that extra push to keep on writing more frequently!

Good luck to us both! I look forward to seeing more of you here. :)

Wow. Welcome to steemit as well. Hehe. I suggest you keep a diary so you could still write while you’re busy in school. That way, you’d be able to have the practice that you need.

I've tried keeping a diary but I found it too tedious. Or maybe I just didn't really make an effort to do it consistently. Hehe.

Oh. Yeah sometimes I skip writing a day or two. Hahahaha.

Amazing gurl there you are! You are witty and charming! Waiting for your other posts. Will see you around @ysathewriter


Thank you. See you around as well. 😊😊

Nice post. welcome to steemit!

Wow great introductory post. I love the way you organized your post! This community really fits to you! Welcome and enjoy the rest of the time while steeming!

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